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COLD OPEN: The best and most talked about part of last week’s show is back again; Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer is in the building. Possibly the only person who is capable of upstaging the host of the evening, Alex Baldwin. The sketch has Spicer commenting on various topics like the federal court’s ruling on President Trump’s Muslim ban and Nordstrom dropping Ivanka Trump’s line, with him doing a mini QVC-like commercial for the fashion line. We get a mini Kate McKinnon cameo with her doing a impression of the newly appointed attorney general Jeff Sessions. If President Trump had a problem with a woman impersonating Spicer, he probably won’t like this. The sketch concluded with Spicer showing off his upgraded podium from being moveable to being on wheels. Oh, and he finally got the timing right on the “Live from New York…” line.

MONOLOGUE: Here for the millionth seventeenth time as host Alec Baldwin is here tonight. Best known of recent months as being the SNL in house Donald Trump, he gets the opportunity to be on the whole night. He’s here to promote his new movie The Boss Baby, which is an animated movie that probably nobody is going to see. Joined by the youngest cast member Pete Davidson, they go through the history of Baldwin’s hosting gigs, the first of which Davidson wasn’t even alive to see. All in all, an okay monologue, but we all know what we’re here to watch.

HAVE TO YOUTUBE: (The People’s Court) After having to wait until after Weekend Update to see Baldwin’s Trump we were ready for this. Inspired by President Trump’s tweet after the federal court denied his travel ban, insisting he will see them in court, SNL made it possible by setting the interaction in The People’s Court. The perfect setting for his preposterous idea, as the sketch said “a TV court for a TV President.” The sketch also included Vladimir Putin as a character witness for Trump. All in all it was not the best Baldwin impression of the season, but it was definitely one of the better sketches of the night.

(Beyonce Ultrasound) On the week it was announced that Beyonce will be having twins, SNL ran with this and set this skit in her ultrasound. With Baldwin as the OB/GYN we witness the unborn babies of Beyonce being none other than Tracy Morgan and Keenan Thompson. It was awesome to see Morgan back on the SNL stage, and with a Destiny’s Child burn included a solid sketch for tonight’s show

(Leslie as Donald Trump) Poking fun of the idea that Baldwin will be doing Donald Trump impressions for the next four years, Leslie Jones wants in on the action. This pre-filmed sketch has Jones inspired by Melissa McCarthy’s impression of the male Sean Spicer that she wants to do a Donald Trump impression of the show. This idea kind of backfires, but you should definitely YouTube it.

WEEKEND UPDATE: Honestly after the monologue the show was kind of slow until the first musical performance, but Weekend Update is here to save the day, hopefully. Jost and Che start off with a recap of the past week of President Trump’s antics, which could really be a whole segment but they cannot spend the whole night bashing the President and his cabinet. Kate McKinnon made an appearance as Elizabeth Warren. They also introduced a new character “The Guy Who Just Bought a Boat” that was just cringy. And for it being the ‘Valentines Day’ episode of the season I’m quite disappointed that Leslie Jones is not there as the relationship expert of the night. A missed opportunity in my opinion, but she was there as one half of a couple who newly tried BDSM a la “Fifty Shades Darker” in which she had major Jimmy Fallon character break moments.

MUSICAL GUEST: This week’s musical guest is Ed Sheeran. Set to release his third studio album ÷ in March tonight he’s here to perform his first two singles off the album live. The first performance “Shape of You” is definitely the more upbeat of the two. Showing off his impressive guitar playing skills, it was a great performance. The second and final song of the evening was “Castle on the Hill.” He played this slower paced song with a faster tempo than the recording, which made the performance more uplifting. The band that accompanied him for the evening was a great addition to this singer-songwriter that usually performs alone. Both of these songs and their performances on tonight’s show just makes us greedy for more songs from him.


“I want one day without a CNN alert that scares the hell out of me” – Cecily Strong


March 4

Host – Octavia Spencer



Review, Saturday Night Live

COLD OPEN: In a wonderful introduction to what we can expect next Saturday, Alec Baldwin is back as President Trump and this week Steve Bannon is also in SNL’s cross fires. Dressed as the grim-reaper we witness as Bannon eggs Trump on in calling various world leaders. We witness the horrendous call between Trump and the Australian Prime Minister, his failed attempt to getting Mexico to pay for the wall, and what Zimbabwe’s leader thinks about the current commander and chief. Pretty solid cold-open, but what else do we expect at this point. Cannot wait to see what a whole episode with this guy will be.

MONOLOGUE: Kristen Stewart is here to host this week! She may have nothing to promote but she’s famous enough that she doesn’t really need to plug anything for people to know who she is. People primary know Stewart from being in the Twilight films, which were the ‘it’ movies back in 2012, and Stewart was Donald Trumps ‘it’ tweeting topic during that time too it seems. In her monologue, Stewart introduces the audience to actual Trump tweets from back in 2012 in which the current President was very invested in Stewart’s then relationship with Robert Pattenson. Yes, it is as ridiculous as it sounds. Why a grown man would be interested in that, who knows? There are so many questions at this point, this one seems pretty low on the list. There’s a small bit at the end where Kate MacKinnon and Aidy Bryant try to seem cool to the too-cool-for-school Stewart, but the best part was the accidental f-bomb from Stewart as she’s kicking off the night 🙂 a great start to the night.

HAVE TO YOUTUBE: (The Press Conference) Not since Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump, which was just back in September, has there been a more perfect impression than Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer. This will go down has one of the greatest moments from this season of SNL, I’m calling it now. Acting as the current press secretary, McCarthy perfectly encapsulates Spicer’s frustrated demeanour of trying to convince the press that the past 12 days of the current President’s time in office is completely normal for a president. Completed with props and an also perfect Kate MacKinnon impression of the Secretary of Education, this was the sketch of the night, and might I say the season. Fingers crossed for more McCarthy!

WEEKEND UPDATE: Most of the time, Weekend Update can pick up the slack of the evening’s episode. But tonight, nothing could really top Melissa McCarthy’s cameo. Jost and Che gave it their all though. Continuing the theme of throwing punches at Trump there was also Keenan Thompson as Boston Red Sox’s Big Papi. There was also a cute moment where Jost tried to end the segment early. Oh Jost, McCarthy’s awesomeness was just too much for everyone it seems.

MUSICAL GUEST: This week’s musical guest is Alessia Cara. And for those of you that are not Canadian or didn’t go to Taylor Swift’s concert, she is a singer from Brampton, Ontario. For her first song of the evening she started off with “Scars to Your Beautiful,” it was a nice way to start off the show. The slightly upbeat song was great being accompanied by the band and back up singers. The song allowed her to move around the stage and engage with the audience. For her final song for the night, she lowed down the tempo with “River of Tears,” just her singing from a microphone with a piano backing her up. Two solid performances for this first timer. Honestly most of the time I have no idea who the musical guest is, or usually not really that big of a fan of them, but being a Canadian I like her and her music so this review might be biased.


“I’m here to swallow gum and take names.”

– Sean Spicer (Melissa McCarthy)


Host – Alec Baldwin

Musical Guest – Ed Sheeran


Review, Saturday Night Live, Television

COLD OPEN: Last week we were still in shock, now we have to deal the current predicament. And so does SNL. When Alec Baldwin was offered to play the presidential nominee, and now president-elect Donald Trump, he probably didn’t think it would last past the election. But now Trump won the election, and Baldwin has a steady gig now. As life imitates art, we see the newly elected President in complete shock as his campaign manager Kellyanne Conway (Kate McKinnon) ushers in people who are determined to have Trump come through on the promises he made on the campaign trail, including ISIS and locking up Hilary Clinton. The sketch involved a meeting with Mitt Romney (sup Jason Sudakis?). Only to result in him not wanting to change anything, a la the revolutions that were discovered during the recent 60 Minute interview.

OPENING MONLOGUE: She’s back; former SNL cast member Kristen Wiig is hosting this week. And it doesn’t seem like there is anything she’s here to plug so here’s no awkward “I’m in the movie [blank]” line to look forward to. Wiig decides to fall back onto the ole faithful singing monologue, she launches into some song about Thanksgiving or something. Some pluses to having a former cast member host the show is the hopes that they might do some favourite characters or sketches from their time on the show, or even the possibility of them bringing along other past alums (like formerly mentioned Jason Sudakis)…. And oh my goodness it’s STEVE MARTIN AND WILL FORTE!!!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, and they’re back to singing…

HAVE TO YOUTUBE: (Secret Word) As I said, one of the upsides of having an old cast member is the possibility that they’ll break out some old characters or sketches. And Wiig did just that with “Secret Word” and her character of Mindy Elise Grayson. You know, the washed up Broadway actress who never seems to understand the concept of a ‘secret’ word. Classic Wiig, and Cicily Strong was great in this sketch too.

Honourable mention to Anderson Cooper 360, set in Westworld. Too realistic!

And surprise party Sue, obviously!

WEEKEND UPDATE: CHE! JOST! I’ve been looking forward to see you all week. The duo behind the news desk reported on, you guessed it, Trump. More specifically, his recent appointments. To make it seem like the didn’t spend the whole segment bashing Trump, they bring on Pete Davidson (yay!) to talk about his concerns, and those of young people, about the recent president-elect. His comments on Trump are hilarious, especially since last season he compared a Trump victory to how former American Idol contestant Sanjaya. How people kept voting for him for laughs instead of talent, so yeah, he definitely saw this coming. They also brought on Che’s neighbour Willie, but I’m not the biggest fan of that character. (SIDENOTE: Micheal Che’s comedy special “Micheal Che Matters” comes out on Netflix this Friday, in case you need a Gilmore Girls break or something 😉 )

MUSICAL GUEST: Musical guest this week is indie pop band The xx (and yes, it’s supposed to be 2 lower cases ‘x’s, I Googled it). Their first song of the night was “Hold On” which is a new song that will be on their upcoming new album I See You, which comes out in the new year. It’s a cool song, and the performance wasn’t bad, maybe not one that the audience can really jam too but that’s not always the point.


“How was Hamilton?” – Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin)

“It was good, I got a free lecture.” – Mike Pence (Beck Bennett)



December 3

Host: Emma Stone

Musical Guest: Shawn Mendes


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COLD OPEN: With the election only days away, did you really think there wouldn’t be an election related cold-open? Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump are back, in a last minute opportunity to address the country. And this could also mean it is one of the last times we get to see Alec Baldwin put on the ridiculous wig and do one of the best impressions to be seen on the show. The cold-open is used as an chance to address the email frenzy that has taken over the country the past couple of weeks, which has caused Clinton to have less of a lead in the polls. Honestly, if this is one of the last opportunities we see Baldwin and Kate McKinnon together, then yes this cold-open is a tad disappointing. But at the same time, the election has served as a punching bag for SNL for so long, that it needed the time off.

OPENING MONOLOGUE: Benedict Cumberbatch is here and as a first time host, plugging his new movie Doctor Strange. As if anyone in apart of the Marvel franchise has to go SNL in order to get people to go see the film, but if that means we get actors like Cumberbatch to host, I’m not going to stop them. And in typical SNL-newbie fashion, it’s a singing monologue. He goes into song and dance to introduce himself to the American audience of SNL. Unfortunately, he’s not that unknown to pull this off genuinely. Oh well, I’m still invested in this episode.

HAVE TO YOUTUBE: (Granny Bachelorette Party) Granny comes home to find there to be a surprise bachelorette party being thrown for her, causing her to go into shock and die. As she lies there dead without anyone knowing, two construction worker stripers come in to perform a routine for her and her friends. Although it was funny to see the posh and put together Cumberbatch in a blonde wig donning plaid, the real MVP of the sketch is Aidy Bryant. Having to play dead while one of the most attractive actors in Hollywood plus player of the Chicago Cubs gyrate all-over you. It’s not an easy job, but someone has to do it girl!

WEEKEND UPDATE: Election filled jokes, what else do you expect with THREE DAYS till the election? The jokes were funny; again do you expect anything other than election jokes THREE DAYS BEFORE THE ELECTION? Well, how about Church Lady? And boy, does she have things to say about the election. Commenting on the presidential candidates, and the amount of gay actors of TV… Or even better, how about we get another appearance of the Cubs players plus Billy Murray. Yes, I repeat BILL MURREY. Really you’re better off YouTubing it rather than reading this weak recap 🙂 GO CUBS GO!!!

MUSICAL GUEST: *** let it be known that I went to bed after Weekend Update because I was tired and not even Benedict Cumberbatch could keep me away from sleep *** This week’s musical guest is Solange who, while wearing a halo-like head piece, sang her song “Cranes in the Sky” for her first song. There was nothing bad about the performance; although the surprise cameo by Bill Murray and the Chicago Cubs singing whatever the Cubs’ song is called is a tough act to follow for her second and final song of the evening.

BEST LINE FROM THE SHOW: “Jesus likes a good joke, so that would leave you out of the equation wouldn’t it?” – Church Lady (Dana Carvey)


Host – Dave Chappelle

Musical Guest – A Tribe Called Quest


Review, Saturday Night Live, Television

Cold Open: Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders walk into a bar… For the last cold open of the season SNL played it smart and brought out the two big hitters with Kate MacKinnon and Larry David who have been killing it with the impressions of the Democratic nominees. Poking fun at the fact that Sanders will not give up on his campaign and at Clinton’s obvious determination to win. Ending this season’s chapter of political impressions by waltzing through the SNL studio in a hazy fog.

Opening Monologue: For the season finale SNL asked former cast member Fred Armisen who after his time on the show now stars on the show Portlandia. Deciding to do a standup bit for his monologue, he launches into a small portion of his fictitious one-man show about his audition for SNL. Gaining some laughs, I was just happy that he decided not to do a singing monologue.

Have to YouTube: “Finest Girl” ANDY SAMBERG IN A DIGITAL SHORT! I REPEAT, ANDY SAMBERG IN A DIGITAL SHORT! Playing Connor4Real in the upcoming movie Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping this short is a music video for one of the many songs that have been released for the film. Considering that the song was created by Lonely Island who used to be a part of SNL shorts for several seasons, this was a great throwback for long time fans, but also hilarious by comparing hooking up a girl to Osama Bin Laden.

Weekend Update: What I’m going to miss most about SNL being done for the season is seeing Michael Che and Colin Jost tell some of the best jokes of the show. And this season finale was no exception. Featuring Maya Rudolf as the President of Brazil and Keenan Thompson as Michael’s friend Willie, Update is always the best part of the show. I’ll miss you guys, see you in the fall!

Musical Guest: Musical guest this week is Courtney Barnett, who is someone I have never heard of before. And to be completely honest I was just going to change the channel or use this time as a washroom break but when she started playing the first song of the night, “Nobody Really Cares If You Don’t Go to the Party” I was completely pulled in. For one this has to be the best song title in all of history, and two this performance was just badass. Felt very throwback-y.

Best Line of the Show: “We know how important your guns are, for your daughter’s wedding and cooking bacon.” – Michael Che


Review, Saturday Night Live, Television

Cold Open: Just before the show started I was trying to think about what went on in the world of politics in America this week, and just before the screen turned black it came to me, The Democratic Debate! And that’s exactly what happened. In an instance you know what that’s going to mean, KATE MACKINNON!!!! LARRY DAVID!!!! TOGETHER AGAIN!!! This set up is hard to beat. Poking fun at how the debate got heated between the two candidates, and inclusion questions from the audience. And who is an audience member but none other than JULIA LOUIS DREYFUS!!!! Don’t even have to wait for the monologue to see her. A special shout out to audience member Rachel Green (Vanessa Bayer), who needs to make more appearances on the show.

Monologue: Hosting duties tonight go to Julia Louis Dreyfus, who is back for the third time n Stage 42. Dreyfus is currently on HBO’s Veep, which will premieres its fifth season April 24th. Poking fun at the fact that she was on the show at the same time as cast member such as Eddie Murphy and Martin Short, making her kind of fade into the background. Noting how that is all different how, that people know her as the Old Navy spokesperson now. She tells the audience how her character in Veep, a crazy politician, was never supposed to be a reality today. Joining her monologue by helping her with the cue cards is one of her Veep costars (I presume, I have never seen the show).

Have to YouTube: (Pool Boy) I feel bad that all my favourite sketches from the past few weeks have been previously recorded, but they’ve been the best and this week is no different. Dreyfus is plays a middle age woman who is having an affair with her pool boy, Chad played by Pete Davidson. Trying to break it off with the young man, she really wants to tell him how she is feeling, while Chad couldn’t be more “okay” with it. Dreyfus really got to show her stuff and Davidson was the perfect choice for the pool boy. It doesn’t take long for Dreyfus to get over her heartbreak when she spots the new grass cutter Toby, sup Nick Jonas? 😉

Weekend Update: Other than Cecily Strong’s “Female Written in a Male Driven Comedy” I’ll be honest and admit that I was dozing off around this point of the show. Sorry Michael and Colin.

Sketch to Skip: None really, stood out to me as being particularly bad. They were just “meh” to me this week, sorry.

Musical Guest: Nick Jonas is the musical guest this week, his second solo album Last Year Was Complicated gets released on June 10th. His first song of the night was “Close” which had him joined by Tove Lo who accompanies him on the track. Assuming this was the first performance of the song, it was great. Tove Lo brought her stuff and at times had me thinking that she was the musical guest, making Jonas have to bring it. I will be YouTubing the second performance of the show.

Best Line from the Show:

“In private I have been president for 15 years.” – Hilary Clinton (Kate MacKinnon)

May 7

Host: Brie Larson

Musical Guest: Alicia Keys


It’s exam time right now, and I need to catch up on my sleep, but I’ll try again May 7th


Review, Saturday Night Live, Television

Cold Open: With president nominees as outrageous as the ones right now should we really be expecting anything other than political sketches for the cold open? Back at it with from CNN we have the fantastic Kate MacKinnon and Cecily Strong as a newscaster and Trump supporter. The topic up for discussion is the outlandish and downright offensive things that Republican candidate (and former SNL host) Donald Trump has said. The fact that SNL can make a complete sketch based on all the ridiculous things that Trump has actually said is unreal. Featuring Darrell Hammond saying things that Donald Trump has not actually said but you could totally see him saying them in real life. Honestly, there almost seems to be no difference at this point.

Monologue: And we’re back from hiatus, this week with first time host Peter Dinklage. Here to promote the six season of Game of Thrones which is premieres on HBO on April 24th. Since his Game of Thones role is his most popular might as well use this time to get all the GofTs references out of the way now. He states that even he does not know if Jon Snow is dead. Kate Mackinnon comes out as the Queen of Dragons and Leslie Jones as the actual dragon.

Have to YouTube: (Naked and Afraid: Celebrity Edition) It’s just like Naked and Afraid but this time it is with celebrities. This digital short has Peter Dinklage partnered with SNL cast member Leslie Jones alone, naked, and in the wilderness. This is just another sketch where Jones gets to be the genius that she is. If you are a celebrity do not take Jones on this show, unless you want your survival item to be Franks Red Hot. She also tends to not be able to call you by your real name; instead she just called Dinklage Tyrion the whole time. It’s a shame that none of the live sketches made me laugh this much.

Weekend Update: This was the best part of the show. Weekend Update is always the constant in my book. Making good jabs at Donald Trump and bringing on cast members such as Pete Davidson to talk about the Hulk Hogan v Gawker sex tape scandal, as well as Keenan Thompson as Big Pappi of the Boston Red Sox to talk about his retirement. Micheal Che and Colin Jost saving the show for me.

Sketch to Skip: (Winnie the pooh) Just no… I see what they were trying to do. But this was not the sketch to start off the night with. Shout out to Jay Pharaoh, he still needs to be in more sketches. 

Musical Guest: Musical guest this week is Gwen Stefani, whose new album This Is What the Truth Feels Like released back in March starts off the show with her new song “Make Me Like You.” It was a good performance, nothing bad to say about it but also did not blow me away

*** Let it be known that I was way to tired to stay up for the whole show, I went to bed after Weekend Update. ***

Best Line from the Show:

“Your cousin was just in the movie The Revenant.” – Deny the Real (Jay Pharaoh)

April 9:

Host: Russell Crowe

Musical Guest: Margo Price


Review, Saturday Night Live, Television

Cold Open: With everything going on in American politics it makes sense that the cold opens will revolve around them. This week we’re back with CNN’s America’s Choice coverage of the Republican and Democratic candidates. Starting with Trump, Darrell Hammond, and the endorsement he received from Ben Carson, Jay Pharoh. Glad to see that after last week’s slam-dunk impressions on Weekend Update Pharoh is getting more screen time. Achieving Carson’s ability to look creepy and dazed all at the same time. Over on the democrats’ side Bernie Sanders basks in the glow of his Michigan win. With Bernie Sanders comes Larry David who we eat up, and uses that in his Sanders impression, “I’m great, but not 5 Facebook posts a day great.” Brilliantly describing his similarity with young voters, because he knows what he wants but has no idea how to achieve them.

Monologue: Host this week is Ariana Grande, now known more as a singer Grande actually got her start on Nickelodeon’s Victorious before making big on the billboard charts. Making note of her start on the children’s channel she is joined on stage by fellow Nickelodeon alum Kenan Thomas, who began his show on its sketch show All That before becoming an SNL cast member. Acknowledging the donut licking incident, Grande notes that that is the most scandalous thing she has ever done and wants to change her squeaky clean image. Breaking out into song, she sings about what her scandal will be. Stating pretty much everything that could possibly go wrong by a celebrity she is with lovely cameos with Cecily Strong and Pete Davidson.

Have to YouTube: (Family Feud) FAMILY FEUD! FAMILY FEUD! FAMILY FEUD! This is one of the best sketches that SNL does, and this week’s is no different. It’s directors versus actors, and back with Thomas’s amazing Steve Harvey impression. Allowing a lot of cast members to show off their skills, or just further proving why they are on the show. From Kate MacKinnon’s Tiida Swinton and Grande’s Jennifer Lawrence impersonation, it’s just all around a great sketch.

(Tidal Music) Similar to the sketch Bruno Mars did years ago Ariana Grande plays an intern at Tidal music, the music streaming service run by Jay Z. When all the feeds start to go haywire, only Grande can save the day. This sketch allows people unaware of her talent to see her do amazing impressions of Britney Spears, Shakira, and Celine Dion. Yes, it’s really just her singing the whole sketch, but it’s amazing so it doesn’t matter.

Weekend Update: Between covering the Trump rally Colin Jost and Michael Che bring on “The Drunkest Contestant on the Bachelor” played by the yet again amazing Cecily Strong. Fans of the show will recognize the woman on the show she is trying to mimic (Lace anyone?) which only makes it the more funny. Back again this week is Che’s friend Riblet, who just wants to watch his bootleg copy of Batman v Superman. Not my favourite character on Update, but he creates laughs in proving how easy Che’s job can be.

Sketch to Skip: No complaints tonight! Really enjoyed the show!

Musical Guest: Pulling double duty as both this week’s host and musical guest Grande first performance is introduced by Larry David, who has an unfortunate name flub. Grande is able to laugh it off during the beginning of her performance of her new single Dangerous Woman, which was released earlier this week. Using the advantage of being live to show off her strong vocal range. For the second song of the evening she performed You’ll Be Alright, which is also expected to be on her new album. This song allowing her to do some dancing and move around, it was another good performance. With Ariana Grande you either like her music or you don’t, for those who do it was a good show.

 Best Line From the Show:

“If Leslie Jones hears about his we’re both dead” (Colin Jost)

April 2: Peter Dinklage with musical guest Gwen Stefani


Review, Saturday Night Live, Television

Cold open: It’s the Saturday right after Super Tuesday in the United States so of course the cold open is going to be a political one. Tonight, we’re coming from CNN American Choice’s coverage of the potential presidential nominees. Reporting on Donald Trump and his endorsement from Bobby Moynihan’s Chris Christie, including his implication of his penis size. Switching over to the less exciting Democratic nominee, we are honoured with the brilliant Kate MacKinnon’s Hilary Clinton. Noting that she will gain the support of voters who do not want to vote for Trump. Ending the cold open we get a special appearance of Mitt Romney played by none other than Jason Sudakis, “I’m back, you didn’t ask for it but you got it.” And as an SNL viewer, man I am so glad he is here.

Monologue: Back for a 4th time hosting this weekend is Jonah Hill. Now I have no idea why he is hosting this week because I don’t think he his promoting anything. And Hill acknowledges his absence in movies but mentioning the great year he has had thus far watching other movies, the ones that he is not in. Proposing that he skips the monologue altogether and just jumps to the musical guest, Future comes out and Hill suggest they sing together. Singing the song Future has with Drake, Hill takes the Drake sections. Now me not knowing any of Future’s song I have not idea if Hill was actually singing the words or just making them up on the fly. But in all honesty, it’s not that bad. Better than an overused song and dance monologue. Was secretly hoping for another Leonardo DiCaprio appearance.

Have to YouTube: (Inside SoCal) Was saving this spot for the Adam Grossman sketch, but I guess I was being a bit too hopeful on that one. Instead it goes to another repeat segment of Hill’s Inside SoCal. A bunch of southern California guys covering the news most important to them, like a former classmates breast reduction surgery. I actually have no idea if this sketch was pre-recorded or live, but either way it was pretty funny.

Weekend Update: Colin Jost and Micheal Che are back in full force this week kicking Weekend Update with the OJ Simpson case. Mentioning the ridiculousness of the whole knife thing, almost like it was out of the FX show or something. Covering the primary elections, and again all the penis jokes around Donald Trump. Joining the hosts at the news desk is the well-missed Cecily Strong’s Girl You Wished You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With. YES!!!!!! Why is she not on the show every week, complete gold her remarks. Also making an appearance is Jay Pharoah describing the secret meeting of black comedians. Pharoah proves that he is one of the most underused cast members of SNL with spot on impressions of the likes of Eddie Murphy, Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, and Chris Tucker. This was the high point of the show.

Sketch to Skip: (Fond Du Lac News) Again I was just disappointed that the first sketch of the gate was not a reappearance of Adam Grossman. So it wasn’t that this sketch wasn’t funny, I just wanted something else.

Musical Guest: Here for his first appearance on SNL, Future’s first song of the evening was, Low Life featuring The Weeknd. Again not knowing much of Future’s music I really liked this because it had The Weeknd, someone’s music I do know. The final song of the evening I have no idea what it was called, I tried to Google lyrics to find out the name. But couldn’t decipher any of the lyrics. But besides that it looked like he had a great time, and the crowd loved it.

Best Line(s) From the Show:

“I love your sketches, they remind me of how much I miss Andy Samberg.” – Jonah Hill

“Ben Carson just pulled out and that’s supposed to be the most effective birth control method.” – Cecily Strong (Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With)

“Leonardo DiCaprio was right, bears.” – Cecily Strong (Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With)

Next Week: Ariana Grande


Saturday Night Live, Television

The Cold Open: Taren Killian is Ted Cruz after winning the Iowa caucus earlier this week. Describing the highlights and difficulties of being Ted Cruz. And as we’ve discovered it is quite hard to be this unremarkable. Killian makes a hilarious Cruz, but everyone is just waiting for the Bernie Sanders impersonation.

Opening MonologueCurb Your Own Enthusiasm’s Larry David is hosting this week. I don’t think he is promoting anything in particular which is refreshing having a host doesn’t turn the monologue into a plug for their movie, song, TV. show, whatever… What is also refreshing is a monologue without a musical number, which seems to be happening less and less. David comes out of the gate outright saying that we’re going to be “disappointed,” what do we expect? He’s always the guest and never the host. With that, he cannot guarantee a good show, so have little expectations.

Have to Youtube: (Bern Your Enthusiasm) This pre-recorded segment is the perfect combination of what we love about Larry David as Bernie Sanders. Transporting Sanders into Larry’s domain in his television show, we get a better picture of where Sanders lost his handful of votes in the Iowa caucus. It’s just funny. Best line, “what’s two percent?”

Weekend Update: Colin Jost and Micheal Che start the news segment with breaking news, coming right from the Republican debate the happened earlier this evening. As it turn out, Ben Carson cannot walk out onto the stage properly, or at all, even when the stagehand waves him on. Poor Ben Carson. The always-brilliant Kate MacKinnon plays Sturdy Barbie, “My feet can only fit into crocs.” One of the new Barbies Mattel failed to release this week along with other new Barbies. John Rudnitsky comes out as himself stating his dislike for the possibility of a live TV performance of Dirty Dancing with Channing Tatum. Proposing that he himself should be cast, then launching himself into a full Dirty Dancing inspired dance routine. Then the greatest moment ever DEREK ZOOLANDER AND HANSEL!!!!! There really needs to be no other explanation. Derek Zoolander and Hansel cover current politics and it does not really matter if it is funny or not. But it is.

Sketch to Skip: (Superbowl) We know. It is the Superbowl tomorrow. There does not need to be a sketch about it. After delivering Zoolander and Hansel, why subject us to this?

Musical Guest: This week’s musical guest is The 1975. Which after looking them up on Wikipedia it is discovered that they are a British rock band. Their new album I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It comes out on February 26 so it makes sense why they are performing. Although classified as a rock band the songs they performed sounded more techno-y then anything else. Larry David along with Bernie Sanders introduced their first song “The Sound.” Their second song of the evening appeared to be the more popular of the two being “Love Me.” Overall it was a good debut, and was nice being exposed to music that may not be familiar to everyone.

Best Line From the Show:

“Regular guy? You’re on SNL.” – Colin Jost

“Literally no one knows that Colin.” – Jon Rudnisky

Next Week: Melissa McCarthy feat. Kanye West