TV RECAP: Girl Meets Bear

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Air date: August 26, 2016

Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) is on a mission, and that mission is tacos. And she will stop at nothing until she is first in line at Paco’s Tacos to get said tacos (either eight or nine) when the restaurant opens. Even having Riley (Rowan Blanchard) coming with her, which is likely to mean something will go wrong, will not deter her from her mission. She has everything prepared; they’re already in the next day’s clothes, nothing can go wrong, right? Please, have you even seen this show?

The following morning when the girls wake up to be first in line for tacos, Riley realizes that her childhood stuffed bear; Beary the Bear bear (yes very original) has gone missing overnight. And she will not leave for tacos until he is found. She calls a family emergency and enlists everyone’s help to find him. And when Lucas (Peyton Meyer), Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis), and Zay (Amir Mitchell-Townes), come over in hopes of getting tacos they are forced to help find the childhood heirloom too. To encourage the gang to help her find her cherished bear, she tells them the story of how she was given the bear as a child. A younger Riley received the bear as a way to remember her parents when they were gone for the day at work. It’s enough of a tear-jerker to get everyone to help out.

As the group tears apart the apartment looking for Beary, Maya’s chance of getting tacos slips away. But Riley is her best friend (as she is reminded by visions of their younger selves) and also joins in the search party. Cory (Ben Savage) and Auggie (August Maturo) look in the kitchen for Beary and instead of the stuff animal Auggie finds a necklace with silver boxing gloves. Any fan of Boy Meets World will remember that this necklace was given to Cory by his dad in the episode ­­­­­­­­­­­“Kid Gloves.” They will also remember that Cory did not really care for the necklace, and in fact disliked it. But it was not until he lost it and realized how important it was to his dad that he had the necklace that he saw how special the gift was. Cory finds the necklace, and tells Auggie that the necklace itself wasn’t what was special, but the fact that it was his father that gave it to him. Just like Beary was given to Riley by Cory and Topanga.

Zay joins Maya, sitting the corner of the apartment and sad because of the lack of tacos in her possession. He reminds her of the first time they met (“Girl Meets the Secret of Life“), when he was sitting during the class car wash and Maya was nice enough to sit next to him to make him feel welcome. He tells her how much that meant to him, her making him feel like he belonged when he felt like an outsider.

As Farkle and Topagna (Danielle Fishel) are looking for Beary, Farkle comes across old scrapbooks. Inside are photos of a young Topanga, probably around the same age as Riley and her friends are now. Farkle asks Topanga about her old self, and how she outgrew her quirkiness (she no longer draws lipstick hearts on her face). Topanga tells Farkle that the old versions of yourself you carry around with you. They help you become the person you are now. Farkle recognizes that he has done this to with himself. Out of all the characters on this show, Farkle has definitely changed the most. And he’s recognizing that he is definitely not the same person as before.

Riley and Lucas are looking in her bedroom (this is Disney Channel get your head out of the gutter). While searching through her wardrobe, even though she was sleeping at the bay window and nowhere near her closet but whatever, she asks Lucas if he has anything from his childhood. He tells the story of his Papi Joe giving him a little sack of gold. He thought he was the most special kid, because he had this sack of gold. Until he say Zay with the same sack. Turns out that sack only had bubble gum in it. Although Lucas never opened his to find out if his had candy in it too. Instead he chose to continue the belief that there was gold inside. Reiterating the lesson that it was really the fact that his Papi gave it to him that made it feel like gold, even if it turn out to only be bubble gum.

Uncle Josh (Uriah Shelton) joins that party cause why not. Let’s make this teddy search party a complete family affair. Visiting from college to do laundry at the Matthews, Josh joins in on the search for Teddy. His presence in this episode is also to remind viewers of the moment that he and Maya shared at the ski lodge (“Girl Meets Ski Lodge Part 1,” “Girl Meets Ski Lodge Part 2”). Josh is adamant that Riley must find her childhood toy. As it turns out, Josh is not adjusting to college life well, and tells the gang that their time in high school will be one of the last opportunities for them to enjoy their childhood. Riley and Lucas leave to her room to continue the search.

Paco’s Tacos are completely sold out of tacos, and Maya has no tacos. And it’s at this time that the group begins to lose hope in the fact that they’ll find the teddy bear. Maya tells Riley that maybe she is ready to let go of Beary, and she knows it’s time to let him go too. Riley agrees, and brings out takeout bags from Paco’s Tacos, which she and Lucas got when they left to go look for Beary again. Inspired by the bonding that is going on between Riley and Maya, Cory gives Auggie his dad’s silver gloves. He knows that Auggie will eventually loose them, but knows how important it is to give it away anyways.

The gang believes that Beary knew Riley was ready to move on with her life without him. But knowing that she would never give up Beary herself, he did it for her. That sometime in the night, he packed up his things and said goodbye. Josh knows that he cannot hide out at the Matthews’ forever, that he too must pack up his things and return to his life in college. No matter how difficult it seems. That he might be missing out on a great opportunity to meet people, and for people to meet him.

Than the plot twist that came completely out of left field happens. Zay approaches Josh and uses what Josh has just realized about him missing out on his new experiences and applies it to Maya waiting for him. That she could really miss out on some great life moments if she constantly waiting for a time in her life when she and Josh can be together. Josh agrees, which gives Zay the courage to ask Maya to… well it’s not really to be his girlfriend. More like to be each other’s person. That when Riley and Lucas are out doing their thing, she knows that Zay will be there so she does not feel alone. He will always be there to sit next too.

Best Line From the Show:

“Sometimes it’s a little pack of bubble gum. But if the right person gives it to you, then it’s gold.”

– Lucas (Peyton Meyer)

“And if you really care about her you don’t want her thinking so much about later that she ends up missing out on now.”

– Zay (Amir Mitchell-Townes)


** yeah so I couldn’t decide on one best line from this episode, so sue me J **


TV RECAP: Girl Meets the Real World

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Air date: August 19, 2016

We join Riley (Rowan Blanchard) and the gang in Cory’s (Ben Savage) history class where she and Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis) are presenting a debate. This seems like it would have been more appropriate to have it in a social science class or something rather than a history class, but we’ll roll with it. The issue: the sun shines in the day. Seems pretty easy to argue right, wrong, as Riley is about to learn. Farkle, doing what Farkle does best, is able to counter argue Riley’s seemingly no-lose logic. When she loses Cory uses this opportunity to demonstrate that there are no “losers’ in debate, but merely different sides of an argument. And that it’s good to learn this in a history class (okay I guess having debates in history class serve a purpose) because a lot of world conflicts begin because people fail to listen to the other point of view.

To infuriate Riley even more, Cory gets her and Farkle to switch sides. Which one of them is able to do better than the other, demonstrating that a good debater must be able to argue both sides. While Riley sees this as being wishy washy in your beliefs, Farkle says that you can argue both sides of an issue and still have your own firm opinion. Which leads Cory to give the class its assignment, a class wide debate. The topic: are people inherently good or evil? For the affirmative, the whole history class, the negative, Riley.

So, in order for Riley to be able to argue that people are naturally evil, she turn to the most ‘evil’ person that she knows, Maya (Sabrina Carpenter). Maya’s introduction to evil mentoring session fails to sway Riley in believing that the world is evil, until Maya shows her the news headlines of what is going on in the world around them. This is the stuff that’s happening in Riley’s world, the one she’s just beginning to be a part of. Auggie (August Maturo) overhears one of the headlines, garbage on the local beach, and uses this as his opportunity to change the world that he lives in. Enlisting the help of Topanga (Danielle Fishel), they both set out to clean the litter on the beach.

When the hang gathers at Topanga’s (the coffee shop, not her house) Riley learns that she is the only one that has been turning a blind eye to what has been going on in the world. And that her friends have allowed her to do so, to shield her from the evil that inevitably surrounds them. They say that they do this so that Riley is able to be the optimist person that she it, and that they need in their friend group. But Riley feels like she can no longer be this person. She wonders that if there are such evil people out there, if she herself could also be ‘evil.’

Here enters Zay (Amit Mitchell-Townes), the best and in my opinion most underused character on this show, but I digress. Zay has just received his monthly cookie that he receives from his grandmother in the mail. He only gets one of them, so that he learns the importance of having appreciating one good thing. He explains to the group how much this means to him, and in turn how much his grandmother means to him when out of nowhere, Riley goes and eats the GOSH DANG COOKIE RIGHT OUT OF HIS HANDS!!! (this is Disney Channel remember, not HBO so this is pretty evil on their scale)

Now that Riley has gotten a taste of what it’s like to walk on the bad side, she begins to wonder if this side of her as always been with her. While sitting with Maya at the bay window, the trusty bay window, the rest of the friends join them to encourage Riley to apologize to Zay. She can’t do it, and in turn her friends leave her. She argues that although she knows that what she did was wrong there was a part deep down inside of her that enjoyed doing what she did. Maya uses Riley’s bedroom door as a metaphor of what will happen to Riley is she continues down this path. When the bedroom door is closed nothing can come in. But once it’s open, even if it’s just a crack, the door swings right open on its own. Riley has opened that door; stating that doing one evil little thing, makes it easier to do the next evil thing. Riley’s afraid that she has already done the next evil thing, by not giving the local homeless man, Two Shoes Louie, the dollar she normally gives him. Stating that she has realized that she doesn’t really know what he does with the money.

Riley turns to Cory for advice about the new evil side of the world that she is experiencing. And since he knows a little bit about the world (oh I’m so clever), that the good lessons that she has learned from the world so far have a great deal to do with the reason why she herself is good. That the evil people in the world are evil because they don’t believe the good the world as to offer anymore, they stopped believing in the good lessons the world has to offer.

When Auggie and Topanga come home from cleaning the beach, Auggie is so happy with the good work he has done. That he has contributed his part to the world. Riley, being the new sassy pessimistic teenager that she has become, begins to undermine the work that Auggie did that day. Saying that what he did would not make a difference and that he wasted his time. In order to cheer him up Topanga tells him the starfish story (I don’t feel like telling the starfish story so you can click here if you want to read it). The purpose of the story is that you may not make a huge impact on the world with your actions, but even a small impact is better than none at all.

Back in history class, it’s Riley versus the rest of the class. The class argues that the mere ability to recognize Riley’s change in behaviour is proof enough that there is good in the world. The ability to see the good in people is the ultimate confirmation of the existence of good. Zay argues that he would forgive Riley for eating his cookie because he was raised right (the sass), and he knows that what Riley did was not Riley acting like her true self. That sometimes-good people do bad things. Arguing for the existence of evil in people, Riley states that with all the evil surrounding them in the world, the presence of that evil is proof enough that people can be evil.

Riley wins the debate. But like any good debater, you must be able to argue both sides. Arguing for the side that she ultimately believes in more, she argues that the existence of people doing the right thing (like waking up early to clean garbage off the beach) is why the world is inherently good. She uses the opportunity to ask for Zay’s forgiveness, which she gets, because this is Disney Channel and everything. Cory teaches the class that in the debate of good vs. evil, that both sides have great points. And the true test of character comes with what side you choose to defend. That if you choose to believe that the world is good, then it will genuinely try to help you.

The episode ends with Riley and Maya running into Two Shoe Louis, who explains that he asked for more money the day before because he was only that amount away from being able to finally buy himself a pair of shoes. And since Riley has always been there for him, he wanted her to be the one to give him the final two dollars for his shoes. Riley notices that he still has his old, tattered shoes on. Louis asks Riley to hold onto two dollars, only to ask for it back. So Riley, the epitome of good on this show, can give him the finally two dollars he needs for his new shoes.

Best Line From the Show:

“You get this cast of characters in life, you get friends and you get family and they help you get through the day. But the world is a character in your life too, and how it treats you has everything to do with how you treat it.”

– Cory Matthews (Ben Savage)

TV RECAP: Girl Meets Ski Lodge (Part 2)

Recap, Television

Air date: July 29, 2016

We return to the ski lodge, and Riley (Rowan Blanchard) is still up talking to the boy behind the check-in desk at the substitute bay window. The check-in boy, Evan (Curran Walters), expresses his desire to be a Sherpa of all things and to lead people to places they haven’t been before. Riley, who is always there to listen to her friends and encourages them to achieve their dreams, gives the same courtesy to Evan. As the morning dawn comes in they realize they have been up talking all night. Riley panics and tries to escape the situation without anybody noticing. This fails and ultimately the entire nature club knows that she spent the night talking to Evan, including Lucas (Peyton Meyer).

Trying to defend Riley in this predicament, Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) goes to Lucas. As Maya tries to reiterate the fact that Riley was only talking to Evan it only seems to make Lucas more upset. While Riley talks to Josh (Uriah Shelton) for advice on how her and Maya ended up liking the same boy. Josh, who speaks with the wisdom that can only be achieved by being three years older then everyone else, points out that Maya’s wanting to protect Riley trumped her own need to be her own person. And only a best friend would do that for someone.

When the girls get together at the bay window. Riley asks why Maya was protecting her, with Maya claiming that as they get older they are experiencing new and terrifying things that they know nothing about. All which have the ability to hurt them. Maya’s attempt to be like Riley demonstrated that she was willing to give up who she was in order to make sure Riley would be safe with Lucas. While the girls are talking, Josh and Lucas are talking too. Lucas asks Josh for his opinion on what Riley staying up and talking to Evan means. Evan, who overhears the conversations joins in, and with him in the infamous game ‘The Official Guide of Who Belongs with Who.’

Yes, ‘The Official Guide of Who Belongs with Who,’ any Boy Meets World fan will recognize this game as the one that almost ruined Cory (Ben Savage) and Topanga (Danelle Fishel) forever. So, what damage could it do here? Evan states that this book is not the same one from when Cory and Topanga were teenagers, but a new edition. So this new edition couldn’t cause any problems, right? The first question from this new edition asks what is the most meaningful part a relationship. With the first two options being romance and adventure, tying into last week’s episode with each of those characteristics being associated with Riley and Maya. And as we learned from last week, each one of those options has a downfall. With those two options being vetoed by the group, Evan reveals a third answer choice, conversation. Being able to connect with a person and tell them anything, even if that means staying up all night to do so.

The aftermath of just the first question of the book leads the group to divide; Lucas goes away to let out some frustration, Maya leaves with Josh, and Riley goes away alone to think. With Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis) and Smakle (Cecilia Balagot) alone with Evan, it is revealed that the book that Evan was reading from was in fact the version from Cory and Topanga’s teenage years. When confronted with the question of why he would trick them into playing this game, Evan expresses that it is his aim in life to make people discover things they hadn’t discovered before.

With Maya and Josh talking at the bay window, Maya asks Josh what he thinks about her and Riley’s situation. Josh says that while he has been observing Maya he had discovered what a great friend she is towards Riley. And in her attempt to become a great friend towards Riley, she was willing to give up who she was in order to figure out if Lucas was good enough for Riley. This observation makes Maya realize that she doesn’t like Lucas the same was Riley does, because when they both tried to have the same kind of conversations that him and Riley do she poured a smoothie on his head. Maya ultimately would never take anything that Riley had, because of how much she cares for her. Knowing that Riley would do the same. Maya makes Josh realize that the kind of conversation they are having is one that can form a meaningful relationship, and that the whole time they have been talking they’ve been holding hands.

Taking what she did from her conversation with Josh, Maya goes to talk to Lucas. Knowing that she is not the one that he wants to be with Maya urges Lucas to go find Riley and tell her how he feels. Josh watches this interaction and goes to Maya. Stating that it would be stupid of him to not have a friend like Maya in his life just because of an age difference. Let it be known that he said friend, and not girlfriend in this part. But Maya points out that there is a small window of time in the year where their age difference changes from three to two years. And they should utilize that time. But Josh has a different proposal. Just like Maya had said in ‘Girl Meets Game Night,’ with her feelings towards Josh she is in it for the long game. And Josh expresses his feelings for her and tells her he is willing to play too. The two shake on a someday.

Back to the wannabe Sherpa Evan, he tells Riley that when people go to places that they have never been before he likes the look on their faces. The look like the world has endless possibilities. Riley tells him that he will make a great Sherpa one day and they part ways, Evan to the check-in desk and Riley to the bay window. Lucas finds Riley and sits with her at the window. He tells Riley that talking to her is one of his favourite things. He says that she can talk to whomever she wants but he wants the important talks, the ones that make him like Riley, to stay between them. And the only way to endure that those conversations stay between the two of them is to be together. Lucas gives Riley the jellybean from ‘Girl Meets Upstate,’ claiming that it represents his decision to choose Riley. That she was always the one that he wanted to be with. Riley in return, gives Lucas the leaf that fell onto her lap from last week’s episode. Stating that you only have one life, and if you are lucky you will blow into someone that you want to talk to (DO YOU SEE THE SYMBOLISM BETWEEN THE LEAF AND RILEY AND LUCAS?!?! THE SUBWAY!!! MAYA PUSHING RILEY ONTO LUCAS’ LAP!!!)

The episode ends with Riley and Maya at the bay window back in New York. Both knowing that there are new things ahead of them and they don’t know how it will turn out. Riley tells Maya that you are lucky in life to have one great relationship. Her parents had it from when they were children and never let it go. She tells Maya she has no idea how her first relationship with Lucas will end. But she does know that it is her friendship with Maya that is her one great relationship in life. And that will never change.

Oh and Evan is Lauren’s son.


“I’ll play the long game. Live your life; I’ll live my life. I know you’re out there, and I’m out there too.” – Josh Matthews (Uriah Shelton)

This is probably going to be the Girl Meets World equivalent to this infamous Boy Meets World line:


TV RECAP: Girl Meets Ski Lodge (Part 1)

Recap, Television

Air date: July 22, 2016

Every Boy Meets World fan will always remember what happened at the ski lodge in season 5. It was almost the end of Cory and Topanga. So naturally, when the next two episodes of Girl Meets World are aptly called ‘Girl Meets Ski Lodge (Part 1&2), it’s a good guess that something just as monumental will happen as well. So guess where the high school nature club is going for their trip…. You guessed correctly the Mount Sun Lodge. While the nature club will be going up to observe the leaves change colour, what Cory (Ben Savage) really wants the gang to focus on is human nature. What they instinctively want to do, but probably shouldn’t (like kiss a girl that’s not your girlfriend). Also expressing the inherent tension that is this triangle between Riley (Rowan Blanchard), Maya (Sabrina Carpenter), and Lucas (Peyton Meyer). And he feels like the ski lodge is where it’s all going to be figured out. But Cory is not chaperoning this trip solo, with him comes Topanga (Danielle Fishel) and Uncle Josh (Uriah Shelton). This is going to get interesting.

When the gang gets to the lodge, Riley has fallen off the bus and hurt her foot (naturally) and finds a new bay window to sit at. While she misses out on the first club hike, she sits at the bay window to watch the leaves on the tree, and one falls onto her lap. When the group comes back from their hike Riley learns that Maya had broken the rules in order to help out Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis) who had wondered off, and in doing so Lucas got roped into breaking the rules too. With the old Maya back she is back to her own ways, and she calls out Lucas for reprimanding her on a quality that he likes about her. But Lucas tells her that he’s not sure her rule breaking is hat he likes about her. Riley expresses her desire that the triangle be over; explaining that just like the leaf in her lap knew it was time to change and leave the tree, it is time that the triangle is over too.

Lucas has already made is choice, we saw that in ‘Girl Meets Upstate,’ but he feels that this is a decision that needs to be made together. Looking at Riley and Maya, he knows that he would have a different life with either of them. It’s just a matter of what kind of life he wants. Each girl imagines up a scenario what their life together would be like. Honestly this is the part of the episode where it went kind of weird and lost it for me, but the takeaway is quite obvious. With Maya he would leave an adventurous life and never have a dull moment; but Maya’s attraction to adventure also leads her to break the rules, which Lucas does not want to be a part of. And could potentially be the cause of their demise. With Riley, everything would be sunshine and rainbows, their romance one for the ages. But Riley’s tendency to let her emotions take over her completely, that too could be a reason for destruction between her and Lucas.

The three parties believe that they can come to a decision, and in a way that will not ruin their friendship. But how the choice will be made is the mystery. Do they decide for themselves or let their human nature control their lives? As the gang parts for the evening, Cory asks the group who controls their lives? While everyone stumbles into their rooms for the evening, Riley decides to stay up for a little longer and watch the star from the bay window. While the lobby empties, and Riley is by herself, a young mysterious boy comes into the lodge and sits behind the check in desk. And we all know that the person who sits behind the check in desk at the Mount Sun Lodge will definitely be involved in the lives of the Matthews.


“It’s not Yoby that I’m worried about anyway. Yoby’s forever.” Cory Matthews (Ben Savage)

TV RECAP: Girl Meets True Maya

Recap, Television

Air date: July 15, 2016

With this season’s theme revolving around the idea of people change people we witnessed in last week’s episode that Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) let Riley’s (Rowan Blanchard) influence on her effect her in such a way that she had lost a piece of herself, of her identity. Now, Maya is on a mission, to become her old self again, and she’s jumping in headfirst. To set up the lesson of this week’s episode we enter into Cory’s (Ben Savage) history lesson, on the city of Pompeii and the eruption of Mount Vesuvius (**hint, hint**). Explaining to the class that volcanoes explode so that they don’t have a bigger eruption down the road (**hint, hint, hint**).

The b-storyline brings back a season 2 favourite Doi/Dewey (Cooper J. Friedman), who is hanging out with Auggie (August Maturo) again. Auggie bring Doi to Topanaga (Danielle Fishel) for her help after it has been discovered that Doi has been stealing candy from the local variety store without knowing that it was stealing. Now even though Do is a cutie, it will be hard for this storyline to pull the focus from Maya this episode.

Back with the gang, Riley wants Maya to have her rebellious eruption as soon as possible so that there is not a bigger one down the line. While Maya doesn’t seem to be on any timeline, instead she is trying to figure out herself and her place in the world. Including her place within the group of friends. While all these little incidents have been occurring around them; a false fire alarm, missing money, the blame went straight for Maya. Even though in every one of those incidents Maya was innocent, she seemed to let the perception of her friends as being the ‘bad girl’ effect her. So she’ll take that perception and make it true.

Continuing with Cory’s lesson, he asks the class, minus Maya, why the people of Pompeii would choose to live next to a volcano. They could live anywhere. Except for the fact that volcanic soil produces the prettiest flowers. So even though their home was dangerous to be around, the pay off was worth it. Cory explains that this applies to people as well. Everyone has great qualities about themselves, but they also have faults too. It is up to the people around them to choose whether it’s worth to be around them. Concluding that it is okay to explode, that is in people’s nature.

With that we find Maya, alone at night, outside a repair shop with a hammer, a brick, and some spray paint. While she stands outside of the shop looking at what she’s brought, two old friends join her, ones she had before she met Riley. Upon seeing that she has brought some toys for them to play with, the girls berate Maya about how she grew soft after spending so much time with Riley. Claiming that she should prove herself as being the old Maya and destroy what’s around her. One of the girls takes the hammer from Maya and chips away a piece of the sculpture standing outside of the repair shop. The sculpture being that of four people, standing side by side. Maya chooses to not participate in the destruction and stands up for herself and the sculpture, choosing to not be that version of Maya.

While it was discovered that Doi had stolen candy over the year, the police officer that comes to the Matthew’s house to find Doi appears again in the episode. But this time, he brings one Maya to the Matthew’s house. Claiming that she had vandalized in his part of the neighbourhood. Returning to the scene of the crime, on the wall next to the sculpture of the four people now is covered in all colours with the world ‘HOPE’ written across. Maya explains that she had come to a crossroads, when she was being confronted by those two girls from her past she could have easily joined them and continue to destroy the statue. But it was Riley’s influence on her that made her act differently, and will always make her do what is right. Claiming that having Riley in her life has made her stronger, not weaker. Of course, this makes the police officer turn the other cheek with the whole incident. Because he has hope for his neighbourhood too, and Maya is proof that it does exist.

The episode ends with the gang gathered around that sculpture that Maya saw be destroyed but also helped repair back to normal. Telling Riley, Lucas (Peyton Meyer), and Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis) that she would hang around this sculpture and hope to have friends like that. Wanting to know what made them so happy, and grateful to be in a position that she can figure that out for herself.


“You can’t be with her all the time Riley, the job of being someone’s best friend is to make sure that even when you’re not with them, you’re still there.” – Cory (Ben Savage)

TV RECAP: Girl Meets High School (Part 2)

Recap, Television

In the second part of the high school episode of the Girl Meets World premiere we meet up with Riley (Rowan Blanchard) and Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) right where we left them, in a hole. Or the landing between the two floors on the stairwell, whatever you decide to call it, their friends still absent. Spending the time watching the other member of their school go about with their day, and kudos to Disney Channel for at least implying that high school students make-out in school (vroom vroom indeed Riley). Out of the ‘hole’ and full of confidence is Lucas (Peyton Meyer) and Zay (Amir Mitchell-Townes), who still have dreams of trying out for the football team. And that confidence dies when they walk guns blazing into the football team’s locker room demanding a position on the team. They get pummeled, obviously.

We also continue with Mr. Matthew’s (Ben Savage) lesson in this episode as well. Expanding with the theme of the school mascot, the Abigail Adams Patriots, Cory explains the Battle of the Alamo. Which was about a small group of patriots who attempted to protect a small fortress from being attacked from a larger group of people (see the connection yet?). But they were not able to defend it, and it later became Texas, Lucas and Zay’s home (does Michael Jacobs and the writers really plan out all of these connections or do you think they’re just coincidences?). Leaving the class with the question, what cause are you fighting for?

After school; Lucas, Zay, Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis) and Isadora (Cecilia Balagot) come to a realization of the situation they are in. They are no longer the smartest kids in school, nor the most athletic or strongest, part of their identity is gone. They are no longer kings. And unfortunately, coming to that realization came at the cost of leaving Riley and Maya. They know now that they should not have left them in the hole. Ashamed that they let Riley’s faith in them down in their attempt of trying to see what high school was like. Now their fear is that they will no longer get her forgiveness or her faith in them back, which would weaken their friendship.

At the bay window, Riley and Maya are trying to figure their friend situation out to. And who better to help then the seniors who put them in the hole in the first place? Really, what high school seniors come to a freshman’s home just to talk? Thor, Blondie, and Brownie explain to Riley and Maya that the purpose of putting their friends in the stair well together was so that they could be together. Hoping they would not leave each other, like the three of them did to their group of friends, which changed the friendships forever. Explaining that high school can pull people in all different directions and to try to not get caught up in it. Their safe place in high school is not the ‘hole,’ or the stair well, but with each other.

In an empty classroom, Cory wraps up the lesson by explaining to the class that history has a tendency to repeat itself. You don’t have to look closely in this episode to see that, never mind the similarities in both Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World. Using the “do good” speech made famous in Boy Meets World and making it his own. Cory has the class tell him what they have learned in high school so far, saying that hopefully they will fill the room with their knowledge. And for each piece of knowledge they know, they get to retrieve their desks. Leaving the parting message that in order to discover this new place, they must do so together.

At Topanga’s, with everyone together, it’s one big apology session. Riley and Maya think they were wrong. They rest of the group thinks they were wrong. Again, they realize they are the best people when they are together. And they should stay together, even in the stair well. So when they all go back in the ‘hole,’ they can say that they all walked out of it together. And when they are kings again, they can say they were so as friends.

FAVOURITE LINE FROM THE SHOW: Well I didn’t cry last night, because I passed out last night from crying.” – Riley (Rowan Blanchard)

TV RECAP: Girl Meets High School

Recap, Television

Air date: June 4, 2016

New season, new intro, more episode recaps!!! (That new season three intro though, so perfect!!!)

The gang has made it to high school; Riley (Rowan Blanchard), Maya (Sabrina Carpenter), Lucas (Peyton Meyer), and Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis) in addition with Zay (Amir Mitchell-Townes) and Smackle (Cecilia Balagot) enter the place where they will be experiencing the next four years of their lives. And it does not take long for them to realize that they are small fishes in a big pond, and in that big pond are also bigger fishes, much bigger. After an unfortunate initiation from the upper classmen, Riley and her friends are informed that they sit at the bottom on the totem pole, bottom like the hole it was put in.

The teenagers aren’t the only ones that are growing up, Auggie (August Maturo) in entering grade school too. And with Auggie, comes Ava (Ava Kolker) the mint size couple that seems to have the most relationship drama out of the whole show. Ava’s parents are fighting, and she is afraid that her and Auggie will break up too.

Cory Matthews (Ben Savage) didn’t stay behind in middle school; he too came to the high school with his daughter and her friends. And it is as much of an adjustment for him as it is for them. The school that the kids and Cory now go to is Abigail Adams High School, the wife of John Adams and the mother of John Quincy Adams (anyone seeing the resemblance here?). And like they stood together during the birth of their new country, so must Riley and her friends when navigating the new and rocky waters of high school.

But it wouldn’t be much of an episode if the gang agreed with everything that is happening around them. So we have Riley on the one side who is content with what is happening to her being banished to the stair well, while Lucas does not. This is not how he wanted to spend him in high school and wants to be able to stick up for himself and his friends. When the group ventures out of the stairwell, things don’t go well, which forces them to confront the person who they feel put them in this situation, Mr. Matthews.

But Mr. Matthews isn’t having the grandest of times either, realizing that his teaching techniques, which were successful in middle school, are not as impactful in high school (Anyone notice the sign above the chalkboard?). Mr. Matthews made the group feel important, like their lives mattered. But in this new school, they don’t feel that way. Everything that they new about themselves leading up to high school has completely changed in the little time they have spent in this new school. What they learned in middle school sadly may not apply to high school, and Cory knows that. Mr. Matthews asks the group why they feel like they were single out to the ‘hole’ and what they’re going to do about it.

Lucas wants to experience high school the way that he wants to, and not the way the seniors dictate to him that he can. Expressing interest in trying out for the football team, Riley shuts those dreams down. Which also shuts does Lucas’ image of Riley it seems. The girl who had all the faith in him and his abilities now put her faith in a group of people that are essentially strangers to her. With Lucas heading out of the whole, he brings Zay (fingers crossed for more Zay this season), and Farkle and Smackle. Them two also realizing that the world that they had known in middle school is not the same world they are in now. Which leaves Riley with Maya, good reliable Maya, seemingly the one thing that has not changed since the venture into high school.

Ava is learning the hard way what it’s like to grow up. Maybe sooner then she would have if her parents were not fighting. She asks Cory why people fight, he tells her that people grow and change, and that with changing comes new obstacles. Telling her the best she can do is to see the best in people, and to hope for the best. Which is a lesson he must apply to his new job at the high school too.

When the rest of the group doesn’t show up to their normal hang out stop, Riley understands that this fight may be more serious they she had thought. Realizing that her greatest fear of high school tearing her friendships apart may actually happen. Of course, within hear shot of this conversation are the seniors. Telling them the reason they were told to go into the stairwell was in hopes of them figuring out that they had to see the world as a little bit bigger now, and not stay in the same bubble that they had in middle school. When Farkle comes to say that everyone decided to do their homework at home, Riley and Maya aren’t happy. While Farkle expresses his disappointment in Riley trusting the seniors over her friends, Riley replies that she mad at him and the others for walking away. Because they abandoned the group, their friends, which is the one thing they had going into high school. Stating that she will be in the stairwell ‘hole’ the next day, and she hopes her friends will too. The next day, with Riley and Maya in the stairwell, no one else comes.

When Ava’s Dad actually leaves her and her mom, Maya is the one to help her out. Imparting what knowledge she has from her own experience of her father leaving, saying that this is when she will need her friends. In the last minute of the episode, consoling Riley after the rest of their friends chose not to join them in the stairwell, Maya says that people make their own decisions. You may not understand why, but you cannot be mad at yourself. And for the first time in Girl Meets World history, the episode ends with seemingly no resolution in sight for Riley and her friends.

FAVOURITE LINE FROM THE SHOW: “You know who goes to our high school? Thor.” – Lucas (Peyton Meyer)

TV RECAP: Girl Meets Legacy

Recap, Television

Air date: March 11, 2016

This episodes beings with Lucas (Peyton Meyer) climbing through the bay window, acknowledging that we have put this triangle romance storyline on the backburner as other episodes have gone one. Not one mention of it since Girl Meets New Year. But this is the graduation episode, the season finale, so surely we will get some answers right? Reading a prepared speech off cue cards, Lucas is afraid that if he makes a choice between Riley (Rowan Blanchard) and Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) then things will change. But they have to face the reality of the situation and a choice ultimately has to be made. And unfortunately, Riley feels that the decision could have the power to change the friendship between her and Maya.

At the school, the lesson on the chalkboard is legacy, seemingly the last one that will be written. There is a goose in Farkle’s (Corey Fogelmanis) spot. Einstein Academy stole Farkle, and so they stole their mascot, the goose. Really this is just something to take our focus away from what we really want to know, Lucas’ decision. Graduation is approaching; Cory Matthews (Ben Savage) get the class to think about what they will leave behind.

Dinner at the Matthew’s apartment, Riley says that her father has not taught her enough. Topanga (Danielle Fishel ) advises Riley that the only way to solve the problem between her Maya and Lucas is to talk about it. Hoping that Riley will always come to her to talk things out in the future. Continuing to read off cue cards, Lucas comes to the Matthews apartment to say what he feels. Taking Cory’s guidance in not reading the cue cards, Lucas tells Riley and Maya that he wants this to stop. If they won’t make a decision then he will, and he decides that he just wants to be friends with them both. They mean too much to him to just pick one.

Back in the classroom, Cory continues his lesson on legacy but the class is not as focused on his lesson as he would like them to be. Trying to explain that a legacy is not just what one takes with them, but what they leave behind. With Cory attempting to bring the attention back to his lesson, the bell rings and everybody leaves. Except for Riley, expressing that she is not ready to leave. Maya uses her last moments in middle school to reach out to her art teacher, thanking her for believing in her. Her teacher advises her to continue to express her emotions in whatever way she can. Farkle does something similar with the science teacher, who also advises him to continue discovering what he can about the world. And then we have Lucas, thanking janitor Harley (Danny McNulty) for what he has done for him during his time at the school. Asking him for his advice in making life-changing decisions. He doesn’t quite get a straight answer from Harley, but is thanked for his appreciation of the work he does.

Riley does not want to leave. In conversation with her father she acknowledges the great time she had in middle school and her place in it. She also fears of what will happen next year and who she will be. Knowing that leaving middle school also means leaving her father as a teacher. She knows that she is not done learning from him, and she has an advantage of living with her teacher. But her classmates don’t have the luxury.

The core four pile back into their seats, to learn possibly the final lesson they will ever hear out of that classroom. Cory gives the gang some reassurance that they are ready to move on, that he himself has realized that they have outgrown middle school and are ready to move on. But they won’t be completely sure unless they pass one last test.

Cory questions them on the lessons that he has taught them over the last two years. What is the secret of life? People change people. Sneak attack? Pearl Harbor. Canada? Our greatest allies and the people right next to us. Within this test Lucas know that it is the people sitting in the room with him that have changed him the most. Knowing that he can always come to his friends in times of need. Riley and Maya call him out on this, asking how they can still be friends if they cannot even look at each other anymore. Lucas knows this is the truth, knowing that he has different feelings for them then when they first started as friends. Cory knows that it is this realization that makes them ready to leave, because he was wrong. In Girl Meets the New Year he taught his class that sometimes the smart thing to do is not to act on your feelings. But he knows that he cannot hold them back from what they are feeling.

To complete Cory’s final lesson, the gang decides to be guides for the incoming class of middle schoolers starting John Quincy Adams. The legacy they decide to leave behind is their bench, now known as the Friendship Bench. Where they had talked, laughed, cried, and grew up with each other. Some of the moments that made them the people they are came from that spot in the hallway, and now they leave it behind for new people to grow as well.

In cap and gown, everybody and their loved ones are on the rooftop. Including Zay (Amir Mitchell-Townes), yay!!! With everyone together, the class decides to reveal their class prank on Cory. And here comes the tearjerker part of the episode. The class prank is that they are taking the school mascot with them to high school. And that mascot is Cory Matthews. Riley meant what she said in that her father was not done teaching her and her friends. So with help from the her classmates as well as their parents (what’s up Minkus?) Cory is pulling a Mr. Feeny and is going to high school.

We end this episode where is started, at the bay window, with Lucas sitting between Riley and Maya. Both still feeling the same way about Lucas; and Lucas still feeling the same way about each of them. And this is where we leave them, still trying to figure it out. See you in high school everyone!


“You’re going to high school Cory, again.” – Topanga

TV RECAP: Girl Meets Commonism

Recap, Television

Airdate: February 12, 16

On tonight’s episode of Girl Meets World we begin at the John Quincy Adams Honour Board (which has never been mentioned before and probably will only be relevant for one episode). To get a sense of what this honour committee does we see one of the best character’s return, Zay (Amir Mitchell-Townes), appear in front of the judges that include Riley (Rowan Blanchard) and Lucas (Peyton Meyer). Zay proclaims himself the Robin Hood of lunch sandwiches and as a consequence is stuck on cafeteria duty. The following people that appear in front of the committee are none other than Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) and Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis). Maya has gotten caught cheating off Farkle on the latest history exam. This, obviously, becomes very problematic. Lucas does not want to compromise the honour committee just because they are his friends, while Riley is willing to go easier on the both of them because she knows that cheating off Farkle is how Maya “learns” the lessons taught in class. Cory Matthews (Ben Savage) argues that Maya did not learn anything, even if she can still recite the answers she got from Farkle, This inability to compromise on the issue causes Riley to side with Maya and Farkle.

Back at home with Topanga (Danielle Fishel, who directed the episode) Auggie (August Maturo) is having difficulty in trying to figure out his identity. After Topanga tells him that the things worth doing in life are only accomplished through hard work, Auggie decides to be like his mom, despite that her job requires hard work as well. When he comes to school dressed as a lawyer he discovers that there is some work to being a lawyer, especially after his first “case” backfires drastically. Having his kindergarten well being threatened.

In history class, the lesson of the day is communism. Which has Cory describes it, is when everybody is the same and everyone gets the same thing. It differs from a free society because individual goals do not matter. This is enough of a pitch to go on for Riley, Maya, and Farkle to become communists.

At the honour board, with Lucas and Riley back with the judges, Topanga is called for the defense. She wants to figure out how Maya managed to cheat off of Farkle, insisting to recreate the layout of the classroom. With the seating arrangement of the classmates it is discovered that there is no way that Maya could of cheated off someone sitting behind her without Riley aiding the act. Riley admits that she is an accessory to the incident. Cory shows Riley that helping Maya cheat is not really helping her, and this shows when Maya starts to sound more like Farkle then herself. Reiterating again that a free society breeds individuals.

Auggie takes to being like Topanga a step further and transforms physically into Topanga, long blonde wig included. This again backfires. Auggie concludes that trying to be like is Mom is hard work so he might as well be something that he actually wants to be.

Continuing in history class, Zay and Lucas have created a wall around Riley, Maya, and Farkle. Wanting to separate those who want to share identities from those who choose to be individuals. Cory addresses the class again, in a third and final attempt in teaching the problem with communism. After returning tests to Lucas and Zay who both got 100% and an A letter grade; Riley, Maya, and Farkle are confused when they also get 100% but only a C letter grade. Cory explains that when you get everything right but you accomplish it with others it makes you average. Stating that, “An A divided three ways is a C.” This causes them to realize the individualism in themselves and how much better they are being different from one another as opposed to being the same. Recognizing the benefits they have living in America, which favours in the individuals.


Topanga: “John Lennon was a Beatle.”

Riley: “Mom, just because his beliefs are different from yours does not mean you can call him a bug.”

TV RECAP: Girl Meets the New Year

Recap, Television

Air Date: December 4, 2015

Girl Meets the New Year seems to pick up right where the Girl Meets Texas trilogy left off. Leaving us waiting these past few weeks with other episodes that never mention the events that had happened in these episodes. Riley (Rowan Blanchard) is left trying to figure out what happens now between Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) and Lucas (Peyton Meyer).

In English class the gang is studying Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility because isn’t that how it goes, reading a novel that directly correlate what is happening with the characters’ lives. The novel tells of two sisters who have different approaches to love, one has sense and thinks with her head, while the other puts her feelings first and thinks acts with her heart.

Inspired by what she is reading in class, Riley wants to throw a New Years Ball for her and all her friends. Charlie Gardiner (Tanner Buchanan), whose shtick in this episode seems to be popping up unexpectedly, overhears and asks to be invited and explaining that the concept of new years is that whoever is with whom at midnight will be together for the rest of the year… Ahh, middle school logic. Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis) after hearing about the ball asks Riley to be accountable to her feelings and threatens that if she doesn’t tell Lucas and Maya how she feels, he will.

With the kids attending their last classes before New Years, Cory Matthews (Ben Savage) tell them the sequence of events that occur when growing up, friendship, growth, and feeling. Stating that the presence of feelings and being unable how to understand or express them can ruin friendship and growth. Telling them that the secret lies in when to tell your feelings and when to not. While concluding their study of the novel Miss. Harper explains what they can learn from the character’s decision, that a person who puts feelings first will get you hurt, while a one who thinks too much before acting never really lives a true life.

At the new years party, with Farkle’s threat looming over Riley, the gang plays a couple’s game, which leaves everyone confused. As the night comes closer to midnight Riley chooses that she want to keep the truth of her feelings away from Maya, while Maya with the help from Cory and Topanga (Danielle Fishel), comes to the decision to be with Lucas at midnight. With Charlie’s attendance at the party Riley comes to the conclusion that although being with Charlie makes sense to her, she needs something more than that; realizing that her feelings aren’t there for him. Meanwhile Maya finds Lucas and asks him to stand with her for midnight.

The episode ends with the clock counting down, Riley by herself and Maya with Lucas, Farkle makes Riley’s secret known to everyone. Leaving Riley, Maya, and Lucas to put together the pieces that has shattered between them.


Favourite Quote:

“Every event in history comes from people feeling something, then acting on those feelings. Or sometimes being smart enough not to.” – Cory Matthews (Ben Savage)