TV RECAP: Girl Meets High School (Part 2)

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In the second part of the high school episode of the Girl Meets World premiere we meet up with Riley (Rowan Blanchard) and Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) right where we left them, in a hole. Or the landing between the two floors on the stairwell, whatever you decide to call it, their friends still absent. Spending the time watching the other member of their school go about with their day, and kudos to Disney Channel for at least implying that high school students make-out in school (vroom vroom indeed Riley). Out of the ‘hole’ and full of confidence is Lucas (Peyton Meyer) and Zay (Amir Mitchell-Townes), who still have dreams of trying out for the football team. And that confidence dies when they walk guns blazing into the football team’s locker room demanding a position on the team. They get pummeled, obviously.

We also continue with Mr. Matthew’s (Ben Savage) lesson in this episode as well. Expanding with the theme of the school mascot, the Abigail Adams Patriots, Cory explains the Battle of the Alamo. Which was about a small group of patriots who attempted to protect a small fortress from being attacked from a larger group of people (see the connection yet?). But they were not able to defend it, and it later became Texas, Lucas and Zay’s home (does Michael Jacobs and the writers really plan out all of these connections or do you think they’re just coincidences?). Leaving the class with the question, what cause are you fighting for?

After school; Lucas, Zay, Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis) and Isadora (Cecilia Balagot) come to a realization of the situation they are in. They are no longer the smartest kids in school, nor the most athletic or strongest, part of their identity is gone. They are no longer kings. And unfortunately, coming to that realization came at the cost of leaving Riley and Maya. They know now that they should not have left them in the hole. Ashamed that they let Riley’s faith in them down in their attempt of trying to see what high school was like. Now their fear is that they will no longer get her forgiveness or her faith in them back, which would weaken their friendship.

At the bay window, Riley and Maya are trying to figure their friend situation out to. And who better to help then the seniors who put them in the hole in the first place? Really, what high school seniors come to a freshman’s home just to talk? Thor, Blondie, and Brownie explain to Riley and Maya that the purpose of putting their friends in the stair well together was so that they could be together. Hoping they would not leave each other, like the three of them did to their group of friends, which changed the friendships forever. Explaining that high school can pull people in all different directions and to try to not get caught up in it. Their safe place in high school is not the ‘hole,’ or the stair well, but with each other.

In an empty classroom, Cory wraps up the lesson by explaining to the class that history has a tendency to repeat itself. You don’t have to look closely in this episode to see that, never mind the similarities in both Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World. Using the “do good” speech made famous in Boy Meets World and making it his own. Cory has the class tell him what they have learned in high school so far, saying that hopefully they will fill the room with their knowledge. And for each piece of knowledge they know, they get to retrieve their desks. Leaving the parting message that in order to discover this new place, they must do so together.

At Topanga’s, with everyone together, it’s one big apology session. Riley and Maya think they were wrong. They rest of the group thinks they were wrong. Again, they realize they are the best people when they are together. And they should stay together, even in the stair well. So when they all go back in the ‘hole,’ they can say that they all walked out of it together. And when they are kings again, they can say they were so as friends.

FAVOURITE LINE FROM THE SHOW: Well I didn’t cry last night, because I passed out last night from crying.” – Riley (Rowan Blanchard)