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COLD OPEN: The best and most talked about part of last week’s show is back again; Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer is in the building. Possibly the only person who is capable of upstaging the host of the evening, Alex Baldwin. The sketch has Spicer commenting on various topics like the federal court’s ruling on President Trump’s Muslim ban and Nordstrom dropping Ivanka Trump’s line, with him doing a mini QVC-like commercial for the fashion line. We get a mini Kate McKinnon cameo with her doing a impression of the newly appointed attorney general Jeff Sessions. If President Trump had a problem with a woman impersonating Spicer, he probably won’t like this. The sketch concluded with Spicer showing off his upgraded podium from being moveable to being on wheels. Oh, and he finally got the timing right on the “Live from New York…” line.

MONOLOGUE: Here for the millionth seventeenth time as host Alec Baldwin is here tonight. Best known of recent months as being the SNL in house Donald Trump, he gets the opportunity to be on the whole night. He’s here to promote his new movie The Boss Baby, which is an animated movie that probably nobody is going to see. Joined by the youngest cast member Pete Davidson, they go through the history of Baldwin’s hosting gigs, the first of which Davidson wasn’t even alive to see. All in all, an okay monologue, but we all know what we’re here to watch.

HAVE TO YOUTUBE: (The People’s Court) After having to wait until after Weekend Update to see Baldwin’s Trump we were ready for this. Inspired by President Trump’s tweet after the federal court denied his travel ban, insisting he will see them in court, SNL made it possible by setting the interaction in The People’s Court. The perfect setting for his preposterous idea, as the sketch said “a TV court for a TV President.” The sketch also included Vladimir Putin as a character witness for Trump. All in all it was not the best Baldwin impression of the season, but it was definitely one of the better sketches of the night.

(Beyonce Ultrasound) On the week it was announced that Beyonce will be having twins, SNL ran with this and set this skit in her ultrasound. With Baldwin as the OB/GYN we witness the unborn babies of Beyonce being none other than Tracy Morgan and Keenan Thompson. It was awesome to see Morgan back on the SNL stage, and with a Destiny’s Child burn included a solid sketch for tonight’s show

(Leslie as Donald Trump) Poking fun of the idea that Baldwin will be doing Donald Trump impressions for the next four years, Leslie Jones wants in on the action. This pre-filmed sketch has Jones inspired by Melissa McCarthy’s impression of the male Sean Spicer that she wants to do a Donald Trump impression of the show. This idea kind of backfires, but you should definitely YouTube it.

WEEKEND UPDATE: Honestly after the monologue the show was kind of slow until the first musical performance, but Weekend Update is here to save the day, hopefully. Jost and Che start off with a recap of the past week of President Trump’s antics, which could really be a whole segment but they cannot spend the whole night bashing the President and his cabinet. Kate McKinnon made an appearance as Elizabeth Warren. They also introduced a new character “The Guy Who Just Bought a Boat” that was just cringy. And for it being the ‘Valentines Day’ episode of the season I’m quite disappointed that Leslie Jones is not there as the relationship expert of the night. A missed opportunity in my opinion, but she was there as one half of a couple who newly tried BDSM a la “Fifty Shades Darker” in which she had major Jimmy Fallon character break moments.

MUSICAL GUEST: This week’s musical guest is Ed Sheeran. Set to release his third studio album ÷ in March tonight he’s here to perform his first two singles off the album live. The first performance “Shape of You” is definitely the more upbeat of the two. Showing off his impressive guitar playing skills, it was a great performance. The second and final song of the evening was “Castle on the Hill.” He played this slower paced song with a faster tempo than the recording, which made the performance more uplifting. The band that accompanied him for the evening was a great addition to this singer-songwriter that usually performs alone. Both of these songs and their performances on tonight’s show just makes us greedy for more songs from him.


“I want one day without a CNN alert that scares the hell out of me” – Cecily Strong


March 4

Host – Octavia Spencer


TV RECAP: Girl Meets Goodbye (Series Finale)

Recap, Television

Airdate: January 20, 2017

The Matthews are moving to London! Well maybe… possibly… we don’t know yet, Topanga (Danielle Fishel) hasn’t decided. As Riley (Rowan Blanchard) and Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) try to grasp what could happen to their friendship if Riley moves away they enter into Cory’s (Ben Savage) classroom and see the worst thing possible written on the chalkboard, Belgium 1831. You know, the lesson that Cory as tried to teach his class multiple times over the years but more important life lessons got in the way. Well, now it seems like life wants them to know it now. As Cory explains to the class, the Netherlands were a collection of states that thought they would be together forever (*nudge), until Belgium made the decision to leave (*nudge*nudge). Becoming its own independent country, ready to meet the world on its own (*nudge*nudge*nudge). Cory wanted to save this lesson until they were ready to learn about what it’s like to leave each other but, as life will have it sometimes, some lessons come earlier than expected.

Cory asks the class how would they know if they are ready to leave or stay? And of course there are two perfectly good choices, you realize what you have in your life right now and what it means to you. Or you consider the wonderful opportunities a new place can offer you. Neither option is 100% perfect, but they have the possibly of impacting one’s life forever. Cory tells Riley that he know Topanga will not make any serious decision like this without consulting everyone important in her life.

And everyone important in her life she got. When Cory, Riley, and Maya enter the Matthews’ apartment they are greeted by every great character that both Girl Meets World and Boy Meets World has introduced to us over both shows. So many emotions coming out in one shot. Topanga is determined to get the opinion of everyone in that room before she can come to a decision.

First, is Shawn (Rider Strong) and Katie (Cheryl Texiera). Shawn reminds Topanga about their decision to leave Philadelphia for New York City. How that choice changed is life forever. Because if he didn’t he would not have met his wife Katie, nor have Maya in his life. Someone he now sees as a daughter to him. For him, leaving was the best choice, he got to rewrite a bit of his history. With Mr. Turner (Anthony Tyler Quinn) in the room as well, Boy Meets World fans are able to witness this glorious reunion between the two characters. With Mr. Turner being a father figure to Shawn in high school, it’s beautiful for Shawn to show him what he has made of his life, to show that even after years have passed, the support he gave him was impact. Shawn gives Maya some paper, adoption papers to be exact. The Matthews get to witness a family being formed, one that included their greatest friends. Now that Maya and Shawn, the best friends, may be okay without them, maybe it can be okay to leave.

Next is the parental advice. Because no matter how old you are you never really stop needing guidance from your parents. They are still that much older than you to know more about the world than you do. There can be no surpassing them. Again, Cory and Topanga are reminded of all the times they have left, for college and NYC. But this may be the greatest move of all. Auggie (August Maturo) gets advice from aunt Morgan (Lily Nicksay, Lindsay Ridgeway -> remember they both played this character during Boy Meets World, so it’s funny that they are both back playing the part). Because they both share the role of being the youngest in the family, Auggie is told that his parents will not make a decision without considering what is best for him.

The Matthews turn to Mr. Feeny (William Daniels) for guidance next, because what important decision can be made without consulting the man that has been giving them life lessons from the very beginning. It was over the backyard fence in Boy Meets World and now it’s the kitchen table. Without really giving a position on where he stands whether they stay or go, he reminds Topanga that she has always been the best decision maker when it comes to important matters.

For some comedic relief, they send in Eric (Will Friedle). Always the one needed to lighten the mood, and boy was it needed after Feeney. But he also gives the best advice out of everyone, Eric in his infinite wisdom tells Topanga that listening to her heart will tell her what to do. That she needs to go to her quiet place, and decide what is best for her. And with that advice, Topanga leaves the apartment.

At Topanga’s the gang meets for a possible last time. Smackle (Cecilia Balagot) uses this opportunity to tell Riley that because of her and how she has changed because of her, she has come to understand sadness. Sadness because of how much she cares about Riley, an emotion she did not understand until then. Zay (Amir Mitchell-Townes), the most underrated/underused character in the show, tells Riley that he will make sure Lucas (Peyton Meyers) is okay if she leaves. Riley tells Zay how much his friendship means to her, that she never felt her group of friends was complete until he came into their lives 😦 . Farkle expresses his feelings to Riley, that no matter where she is in the world, he will always care for her. Stopping the train of farewells coming out of everyone’s mouth, Maya tells them that “life” will not let Riley move away because she still needs her, that there is no replacement for Riley in Maya’s life. It is at that precious moment that “life” would have in-it-for-the-long-game-Josh enter Topanga’s to join them. Understanding the role that Josh could possibly play in her life, Maya comes to the realization that Riley could actually leave her.

Lucas excuses himself from the group so that he and Riley can talk outside. He tells her that no matter what happens in life, she will always be his first girlfriend. She tells him that he holds the same spot in her life. Showing the importance of firsts in one’s life. No matter how much time as passed, or how many people you date, you only get one first boyfriend/girlfriend. How you choose to hold that importance is up to you, for Riley and Lucas they take that title seriously.

It is time for Riley and Maya to move to the bay window, but they find it already occupied. Auggie and Ava (Ava Kolker) sit by the window, two young kids that are faced with the serious possibility that Auggie may have to move away. In a some-what similar position that Riley and Lucas are in, these two love birds will always remember each other because of who they were in one another’s life.

After that heart-aching goodbye, come Riley and Maya. The relationship between these two was really what this show was about. Boy Meets World focused on Cory and Topanga and how they managed to stay together during high school and college, but Girl Meets World chose to centre their show on the friendship between two girls. A relationship that can easily be torn apart because of high school, boys, or simply just growing up. But Riley and Maya made it through all of it. Every obstacle that could of potentially split them up they cleared by a mile. But now it seems they have reached a hurdle that no friendship can truly be unchanged by. This goodbye surprisingly hurt more than watching Cory and Topanga break up.

Cory, Riley, Maya, and Auggie all enter Topanga’s where they find, unsurprisingly, Topanga. This is where she chose to go after Eric told her to find her happy place. She tells them all the positives that can come out of moving to London, but with all those positives in going, she can only find one positive in staying. She tells Riley and Maya that she was envious of the bay window, and what that spot meant to their friendship. They grew up because of the conversations they had there, and she always wanted similar to that for herself. She tells them that she has always loved running the coffee shop, getting to watch Riley and her friends talk and plan what the next steps of their lives. Topanga’s coffee shop is Topanga’s bay window, and she does not want to leave it. The Matthews are staying in New York City.

Back in the classroom, Cory asks what Belgium 1831 has taught them. And since Farkle has always known what Belgium 1831 was and how it could play into their lives, it is fitting that he be the one to rub the lesson off the board. He knows that him and his friends are not quite ready to learn how to move on away from each other. And because Riley is staying in NYC, they do not have to.

With everyone now in Topanga’s Cory tells Riley and her friends the same speech he gave to young Josh during Boy Meets World. That the world is out there for them to become a part of. It can deal you some hard hands, but also can give you great friends and family. Those friends and family that the world gave give you help you find your place in it. Riley and Maya know that through everything the world will throw at them, they will always be together. Thunder. Lightening. Done.



(because it is the series finale, I think I can get away with more than one)


“I did my best. I hope you remember me fondly.” – Riley


“I hope that wherever you are, that you get to keep on being Riley.” – Lucas


Riley: “Girl meets world.”

Maya: “Now I get it.”

TV RECAP: Girl Meets Sweet Sixteen

Recap, Television

Airdate: January 13, 2016


So the news has been broken that Girl Meets World will not be returning for a fourth season 😦 that just means we’ll have the cherish these remaining two episodes has much as we can.


Riley (Rowan Blanchard) and Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) are in a rut. Feeling like they have done everything that they can do at their age, Riley decides that she is going to have a “Sweet Sixteen” party. Even though she is still fourteen she feels like a sweet sixteen is arbitrary and that she should be able to celebrate it whenever she wants. With Maya by her side, they decide to have a “Surprise Sweet Sixteen,” just to keep that alliteration going.

In Cory’s (Ben Savage) class Riley and the gang are taught about landmarks, the historic moments in one’s life that defines who they are, that change their life. Giving examples like the day you’re born, your fist steps, your first day of school, etc. When Riley tells Cory about her wanting for a sweet sixteen he uses this as a launch pad for his assignment, Cory asks the class to think about what their lives would be like at sixteen, being juniors in high school. What are they doing, what are they planning for their future? Have the landmarks that have already happened in their lives enough to prepare them for the unknown that lies ahead?

Armed with Cory’s assignment, the gang sits down at Topanga’s and thinks about what their lives would be like as juniors in high school. Trying to figure out what would be different in their lives Riley is adamant that her and Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) will always be best friends, but upon being asked whether her and Lucas (Peyton Meyers) would still be together she couldn’t give a concrete answer. Smackle (Cecilia Balagot) has figured out that feelings, something that is still brand new two them, is crucial in how their lives will form. Unfortunately for her, feelings cannot be scientifically calculated, making this assignment impossible in getting a correct answer.

Riley and Maya think about what being a junior would mean for them. Knowing that when you are sixteen, you begin to think about where you are going for college. Where Riley’s dream is for her and Maya to go to college together, Maya interjects with the possibility that they do not get in to the same school, or that she may not want to go to college right after graduating high school. Realizing that has hard as it is for friends to stay together during high school can be, it becomes even harder for friends to stick together while they’re all away at different colleges. Sweet sixteen isn’t as swet as they thought it would be

While Smackle as a meltdown over the possibility of her failing Cory’s assignment, Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis) asks Lucas to talk to him. Out of hear shot of everyone else he tells Lucas that is Smackle truly has feelings for him then he would step out of the way for them to be happy. It seems like all the flirty comments that Smackle as directed towards Lucas has gotten to Farkle, and he wants to do what Riley did for Maya during the last season with Lucas. When the rest of the group joins them outside Farkle himself questions if the group would stick together after high school, since is the theory of evolution that proves people change. Recognizing the theory of evolution Maya realizes what Cory has done for her and her friends, since she failed it in Cory’s class but he made sure she knew it, because she would need it someday in the future.

Riley and Maya take their school assignment to Topanga (Danielle Fishel) and ask her if she believes that the landmarks of one’s life can help in preparing for the future. As those who were fans of Boy Meets World know, Topanga had some important decisions to make growing up. But, as she tells Riley and Maya, she wouldn’t redo anything she as done in her life, since every decision that she has made has lead her to this point. With a husband, two children, a great job and friends.

Back at Topanga’s Lucas searches out Smackle and sits next to her while she is working. Being slightly uncomfortable with the lack of personal space Lucas is giving her, Smackle expresses this closeness between her and Lucas while Farkle is not there. Lucas, acting confused, wonders why she says all these flirty comments to him with Farkle there if she does not actually want him. Smackle admits to him that her reasoning for saying all those things is a defence mechanim for herself because deep down she thinks that she cares for Farkle more than he cares for her. Only to her surprise, Farkle jumps out behind the counter and tells her that her thinking is wrong, and he does care for her very much, like he more than likes her 🙂 . But like most things are at their age, these feelings are new for him. Expressing his feelings for Smackle in the best way he knows how, he says that if he still feels like this towards her when they’re sixteen, he would allow her to go to another school then him. Smackle counter argues that her feelings would make her want to go to the same school as him. With Riley and Maya hearing this conversation at this point, Riley realizes that the schools they want to go to are far away. That time cannot slow down enough for the group to stay together forever, eventually life will create distance between them all.

In presenting their assignment to the class what Riley really took away from Cory’s lesson was that being sixteen as it’s own challenges. You’re in a position where you really have to think about the landmarks of your lives in order to figure out what the next steps of your life will be. When Riley looks back on her’s, she is aware that every major landmark is associated with the friends she has and hopes to keep. She realizes the luxury that being a freshman is, that she knows where she will be and who she will be with for the next three years.

Back at the Matthews, Riley and Maya enter the apartment to see a crying Auggie (August Maturo) with Topanga. Clearly upset, Riley asks what’s wrong. With Cory entering the apartment now too, Topanga is stunned over what she has just learned, she has just been promoted to the head of her law firm’s London office. Realizing that her mother is seriously considering taking the job, Riley now sits at a major landmark of her life right now. One that can change her future drastically.



Zay: ‘Well I think the big news here is that Lucas peeked in his sophomore year and now it’s Zay time.”

TV: This Is Us – “That Is Us” Moment (The Right Thing to Do)


Season 1, Episode 11 “The Right Thing to Do”

Airdate: January 10, 2017

*** warning, this contains spoilers for this week’s episode of This Is Us ***


Following the cliff hanger from the winter finale, we get to find out what happens to Toby after his accident. Kevin has a familiar face come back into his life, but they might not have gotten the welcoming they expected. While Randall has a discussion with William, concerning how he wants to live out the rest of his days.

The “That Is Us” Moment:

This episode shows the time in Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca’s (Mandy Moore) life when they are expecting, only they both think they are only having one baby. But as a doctor’s appointment reveals they are in fact having triplets. This shock to their systems sends both of them into panic, because preparing for child is hard enough but three? The fear of not being prepared for triplets has Rebecca considering asking her mother for help with having her and Jack move in with them. Seeing this form of defeat from his wife, during the most heart-wrenching scene involving Rebecca having a silent breakdown behind the kitchen wall, has Jack trying to do the best he can for his family. Jack goes to his estranged father for financial aid who we have learned about during this episode was abusive to Jack’s mother. Jack asking for help from the person he does not want it from the most shows that from the beginning he was going to do whatever he could for his wife and kids, even before they were born. Having to confront his father, Jack says whatever he has to in order to receive money from him:

“You were right about me, you have always been right about me. I’m no good; I’m never going to be any good. And I come to you and I have my hand out, so can you bail me out?”

This is do hard to watch Jack do because we know that it’s absolutely false. And to see that Jack is acting more like a father now before his kids are even born than is own father had been his entire life just shows the sharp contrast between the two men.


So what do you think? What was your favourite moment from the episode? Comment below!


Saturday Night Live, Television

COLD OPEN: Because the attempt of a recount had not come to fruition yet, Donald Trump is still the president-elect of the United States. Which for us means that Alec Baldwin will have a steady appearance on the show (she writes hopefully, fingers crossed). Tonight, the show uses its cold open to poke fun of the recent actions of the president-elect, more specifically, how much time he’s been spending on Twitter. Set during a security briefing, Trump just can’t stop himself from re-tweeting the most average people in America, with Kate McKinnon playing Kellyanne Conway is just icing on the cake. Also poking fun on his recent dinner with Mitt Romney. With the sketch highly suggesting that there has been a lot of focus on the tweets Trump has been sending out instead of his actions.

MONOLOGUE: Emma Stone is hosting tonight, promoting her new film La La Land that comes out December 16. The three time host acknowledges that some time has past since her last hosting gig, so she compares coming back to Studio 8H similar to coming back to high-school. Sure, we’ll try to be convinced that they’re the exact same. Although it was nice to see a non-singing monologue, in this case it might have been fun to see, just because Emma Stone can actually carry a tune. But a solid monologue none the less.

HAVE TO YOUTUBE: (The Paley Centre) At a panel made up of Leslie Jones, Emma Stone, Jennifer Aniston (yes Jennifer Aniston), and Debette Goldby (the brilliant Kate McKinnon), each actress describes their process of making a movie and experiences on and off set. It does take long to realize that the veteran actress Debette has had some different experiences then the other actresses. This sketch is hilarious; though it is very similar to the alien abduction sketch the show has done a couples of times. Both in format and also in how the other people in the sketch can not hold it together when McKinnon is hitting it out of the park.

WEEKEND UPDATE: Based on the format of the past few ‘Weekend Update’ it looks like a good portion of every ‘Update’ segment will be reserved to point out all of the ridiculousness that Trump seems to radiate. You can’t be mad at it though the jokes literally write themselves. We also are blessed with relationship expert Leslie Jones, who gives a great pep talk to men about their penises. I personally enjoyed tonight’s jokes because on two instances they mentioned news that actually happened where I live, so that was entertaining. To top it all off Vanessa Bayer came out and did her spot-on impression of Rachel from ‘Friends” and while we’re enjoying this wonderful gift from the SNL gods we are just get spoiled by them because they decided to deliver to us the ACTUAL JENNIFER ANISTON!!!! (Make note that Aniston stars in Office Christmas Party with Bayer but I don’t even care at this point, I will withstand any promotional bullsh*t to see this interaction) Also I mentioned this last

MUSICAL GUEST: Making his musical guest debt on the show, Shawn Mendes performs “Mercy” for his first song of the evening. Starting off solo at the piano before transferring to the microphone stand was a refreshing take on performing this song. Especially since this was the song he chose to sing during his recent late-night show circuit, plus the AMAs last Sunday night. For his second performance he chooses “Treat You Better” which was the first single off his sophomore album Illuminate. This performance was definitely more spirited with the lights and his guitar playing, and also because of his constant smiling through the whole song. It made me think he was just like us and could not stop laughing during the “Actresses Panel’ sketch. Overall, it was a great SNL debut for the guy.


“You’re not going to believe this Jost, but the media is starting to question whether Donald trump knows what he’s doing.”

– Michael Che


Host – John Cena

Musical Guest – Maren Morris

TV: This Is Us – “That Is Us” Moment (The Trip)


Season 1, Episode 9 “The Trip”

Airdate: November 29, 2016

*** warning this contains spoilers for this week’s episode of This Is Us ***


The time after Thanksgiving is a time spent to reflect on the pounds of food you just ate, or counting down the days till Christmas. Or in the case with the Pearson’s, letting the dust from your family fights settle. After Randall has discovered that his mother Rebecca had been in contact with his birth father William, he is fuming. Knowing that their mother is going to be selling the family cabin, Kate suggests that the ‘big three’ go up there one last time. While at the cabin Randall is confronted by a familiar face, Kevin beings to questions the people he has been spending his time with, and Kate admits her fears about her weight loss.

 The “That Is Us” Moment: Out of all the relationships the This Is Us has gotten us attached to, the one that stands out is that of Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and her son Randall (Sterling K. Brown). Mostly due to the amazing flashback scenes with her and younger Randall (Lonnie Chavis) over the season, we see the strong relationship between a mother and her adoptive son. So it only hurts us that much more when we see how angry Randall is at Rebecca after he found the letter she sent William (Ron Cephas Jones) all those years go. In this episode we flash back to a time where a younger Randall is starting to question where he came from and who is biological parents are. Both Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca, but mostly Jack, wants Randall to see himself has part of their family while also surround him with men that he can identify and see himself in. This prompts Rebecca to visit William (Jermel Nakia), who at the time is five-years sober and works at a music shop. She tells him that Randall is beginning to wonder about his biological parents, which launches William into an exciting dialogue about how his son could visit him and come by the music shop. It’s all too much for Rebecca, who slips out of the apartment while William is trying to find something. The exchange is also what motivates her to write the letter Randall found at Thanksgiving:

 “Dear William, I’m sorry for the pain it may cause, but you cannot meet Randall. This is for the best for him because he has an extraordinary father who gives him everything he needs. I hope you take comfort in knowing just how loved Randall is.”

 This is emotional in two parts. One, because as the letter is read out in voiceover we see Jack with young Randall literally on his back, doing push-ups with him in a karate initiation to demonstrate how he will always be there to support his son. But on the other hand we also see William getting the letter and putting it and the picture of Randall within a collection of papers labelled “Poems for my Son.” Realizing that William never forgot about his son and cared about him. It’s a hard pill to swallow; Rebecca wanted to honour her husband’s dedication to their son while at the same time deciding to not let him meet his biological father, another man who cared for him.


What do you think? What was your favourite part of last night’s episode? Comment below!

TV: Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life – “Winter”


* warning: contains spoilers from the “Winter” episode of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life *


They’re back!!! We’re back watching them!!! All is right in the world. It feels like it’s been so long, yet at the same time like no time has pasted at all. When was that moment for you? The moment in watching the first episode of the Netflix Gilmore Girls revival that made you realize that this is real, they’re back on out screens, and our beloved characters where going to grace us with their presence again. Was it the voice over of iconic Gilmore Girls quotes? The crane shot of Stars Hollow? The gazebo? And this is only in the first 30 seconds of the episode! What a journey we’re about to embark on.

Favourite Moment from the Episode: The part of the episode that got me really excited (apart from the whole episode) was the moment that we saw all three Gilmore girls: Rory (Alexis Bledel), Lorelai (Lauren Graham), and Emily (Kelly Bishop) in the same room for Friday night dinner. Because that was one of the roots of the show; a mother-mother/daughter-daughter relationship, and an arrangement to meet every Friday night for dinner. Oh course; what makes this revival different from the original series is the absence of the Gilmore patriarch Richard (the late Edward Herrmann) who always seemed to be a mediator on many occasions. In his absence, theses characters are left on their own, and as we see in these scene, he’s presence is greatly missed.


“I’m going to therapy with my mother.”

– Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham)


What do you think? What was your favourite moment from the “Winter” episode of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life? Comment below!

TV: This Is Us – “That Is Us” Moment (Pilgrim Rick)


Season 1, Episode 8 “Pilgrim Rick”

Airdate: November 22, 2016

*** warning this contains spoilers from this week’s episode of This Is Us ***


Everyone’s come together for Thanksgiving! This week This Is Us invites us to spend the holidays with the “Big Three” and family. In the past we witness how one particular Thanksgiving ends up being the root cause in being a favourite holiday for one of the triplets. In present day we see Kate make the difficult decision to break off her relationship with Toby, and makes a big announcement in regards to her weight loss journey.


The “That Is Us” Moment: Kevin (Justin Harley) makes the genius decision to bring his girlfriend (?), cast mate Olivia (Janet Montgomery), to Thanksgiving diner with his family. Upon realizing what she has gotten herself into, she decides to bail from the feast. But before her Uber driver can come and get her she decides to ask William (Ron Cephas Jones) the ever-tactful question of what it is like to die? Whether she asks this because of her profession as an actress or her general curiosity has a human being we will never know. But I am sure that his answer to her question was one she was not expecting.

William: “It feels like all these beautiful pieces of life are flying around me and I’m trying to catch them. When my granddaughter falls asleep on my lap, I try to catch the feeling of her breathing against me. When I make my son laugh, I try to catch the sound of him laughing. How it rolls up from his chest… But the pieces are moving faster now and I can’t catch them all. I can feel them slipping through my finger tips and soon where they used to be; my granddaughter breathing and my son laughing there will be… nothing. I know if feels like you have all the time in the world, but you don’t. So stop playing it so cool. Catch the moments of your life. Catch them while you’re young and quick, because sooner than you know it, you’ll be old and slow. And there will be no more of them to catch.”

This is an extremely powerful and emotional scene for two reasons. One, you see how William’s relationship with his son has affected his life, how it made it one that he enjoys living and also how much more difficult it is going to be to say goodbye to it when his time comes. And second, he sees how Olivia is throwing her moments away, moments that he would surely give the world just to have a bit more of. But William is never patronizing in this exchange, he’s just being completely honest. And whether Olivia wants to follow is advice is her choice.


What do you think? What was you’re favourite part of this week’s episode? Comment below!

TV: This Is Us – “That Is Us” Moment (The Best Washing Machine in the World)


Season 1, Episode 7 “The Best Washing Machine in the World”

Airdate: November 15, 2016


*** warning, contains spoilers for this week’s episode of the show This Is Us ***

In this week’s episode of This Is Us, we see Jack and Rebecca raising the “big three” through their teenage years. The fighting between Randall and Kevin has reached a breaking point, which results in Kevin moving out of their shared bedroom and into the basement. After a failed attempt at to reconnect with his brother, Randall takes his aggression towards his brother out on him during their football game. We also witness how Jack and Rebecca’s marriage begins to fray. And we see how a beat down old washing machine (what the episode was titled after) brought together a family, and also how a new one caused them to drift apart. In present day, Kate is shocked to see Toby fall off the wagon with his weight loss which also starts to affect her own. Randall’s wife Beth, after one of William’s chemotherapy treatments, attempts to make him feel better with a pan of weed-brownies. While bonding over their illicit desserts, William lets his secret slip to Beth about his relationship with Rebecca.


The “That Is Us” Moment: After dinner plans with their mother falls through, Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Randall (Sterling K. Brown) are left going alone. This turns out to be an absolute disaster with both of them arguing how the other knows nothing about their lives. This only escalates when they leave the restaurant and their unresolved problems from childhoods resurfaces.

Kevin: (Upon seeing he has been re-cast in his show by a black actor) “That’s great. Replaced by another black man.”

This comment sends Randall over the edge, launching him into a monologue about how Kevin treated him growing up. Your family are the people that know you the best, which also means they know how to hurt you the most. Kevin knew saying this would set Randall off. Having to defend his position in the family as well as his title as Kevin’s brother. There was a sense of competition between the two brothers growing up, and Kevin always felt like he played second fiddle to his adopted brother. This explosion of repressed feeling ends in a physical altercation that results in a cameo from Seth Meyers (what’s going on Meyers?).


What do you think? What was the moment of this week’s episode that you connected to the most? Let me know!


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COLD OPEN: Last week we were still in shock, now we have to deal the current predicament. And so does SNL. When Alec Baldwin was offered to play the presidential nominee, and now president-elect Donald Trump, he probably didn’t think it would last past the election. But now Trump won the election, and Baldwin has a steady gig now. As life imitates art, we see the newly elected President in complete shock as his campaign manager Kellyanne Conway (Kate McKinnon) ushers in people who are determined to have Trump come through on the promises he made on the campaign trail, including ISIS and locking up Hilary Clinton. The sketch involved a meeting with Mitt Romney (sup Jason Sudakis?). Only to result in him not wanting to change anything, a la the revolutions that were discovered during the recent 60 Minute interview.

OPENING MONLOGUE: She’s back; former SNL cast member Kristen Wiig is hosting this week. And it doesn’t seem like there is anything she’s here to plug so here’s no awkward “I’m in the movie [blank]” line to look forward to. Wiig decides to fall back onto the ole faithful singing monologue, she launches into some song about Thanksgiving or something. Some pluses to having a former cast member host the show is the hopes that they might do some favourite characters or sketches from their time on the show, or even the possibility of them bringing along other past alums (like formerly mentioned Jason Sudakis)…. And oh my goodness it’s STEVE MARTIN AND WILL FORTE!!!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, and they’re back to singing…

HAVE TO YOUTUBE: (Secret Word) As I said, one of the upsides of having an old cast member is the possibility that they’ll break out some old characters or sketches. And Wiig did just that with “Secret Word” and her character of Mindy Elise Grayson. You know, the washed up Broadway actress who never seems to understand the concept of a ‘secret’ word. Classic Wiig, and Cicily Strong was great in this sketch too.

Honourable mention to Anderson Cooper 360, set in Westworld. Too realistic!

And surprise party Sue, obviously!

WEEKEND UPDATE: CHE! JOST! I’ve been looking forward to see you all week. The duo behind the news desk reported on, you guessed it, Trump. More specifically, his recent appointments. To make it seem like the didn’t spend the whole segment bashing Trump, they bring on Pete Davidson (yay!) to talk about his concerns, and those of young people, about the recent president-elect. His comments on Trump are hilarious, especially since last season he compared a Trump victory to how former American Idol contestant Sanjaya. How people kept voting for him for laughs instead of talent, so yeah, he definitely saw this coming. They also brought on Che’s neighbour Willie, but I’m not the biggest fan of that character. (SIDENOTE: Micheal Che’s comedy special “Micheal Che Matters” comes out on Netflix this Friday, in case you need a Gilmore Girls break or something 😉 )

MUSICAL GUEST: Musical guest this week is indie pop band The xx (and yes, it’s supposed to be 2 lower cases ‘x’s, I Googled it). Their first song of the night was “Hold On” which is a new song that will be on their upcoming new album I See You, which comes out in the new year. It’s a cool song, and the performance wasn’t bad, maybe not one that the audience can really jam too but that’s not always the point.


“How was Hamilton?” – Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin)

“It was good, I got a free lecture.” – Mike Pence (Beck Bennett)



December 3

Host: Emma Stone

Musical Guest: Shawn Mendes