TV RECAP: Girl Meets Sweet Sixteen

Recap, Television

Airdate: January 13, 2016


So the news has been broken that Girl Meets World will not be returning for a fourth season 😦 that just means we’ll have the cherish these remaining two episodes has much as we can.


Riley (Rowan Blanchard) and Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) are in a rut. Feeling like they have done everything that they can do at their age, Riley decides that she is going to have a “Sweet Sixteen” party. Even though she is still fourteen she feels like a sweet sixteen is arbitrary and that she should be able to celebrate it whenever she wants. With Maya by her side, they decide to have a “Surprise Sweet Sixteen,” just to keep that alliteration going.

In Cory’s (Ben Savage) class Riley and the gang are taught about landmarks, the historic moments in one’s life that defines who they are, that change their life. Giving examples like the day you’re born, your fist steps, your first day of school, etc. When Riley tells Cory about her wanting for a sweet sixteen he uses this as a launch pad for his assignment, Cory asks the class to think about what their lives would be like at sixteen, being juniors in high school. What are they doing, what are they planning for their future? Have the landmarks that have already happened in their lives enough to prepare them for the unknown that lies ahead?

Armed with Cory’s assignment, the gang sits down at Topanga’s and thinks about what their lives would be like as juniors in high school. Trying to figure out what would be different in their lives Riley is adamant that her and Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) will always be best friends, but upon being asked whether her and Lucas (Peyton Meyers) would still be together she couldn’t give a concrete answer. Smackle (Cecilia Balagot) has figured out that feelings, something that is still brand new two them, is crucial in how their lives will form. Unfortunately for her, feelings cannot be scientifically calculated, making this assignment impossible in getting a correct answer.

Riley and Maya think about what being a junior would mean for them. Knowing that when you are sixteen, you begin to think about where you are going for college. Where Riley’s dream is for her and Maya to go to college together, Maya interjects with the possibility that they do not get in to the same school, or that she may not want to go to college right after graduating high school. Realizing that has hard as it is for friends to stay together during high school can be, it becomes even harder for friends to stick together while they’re all away at different colleges. Sweet sixteen isn’t as swet as they thought it would be

While Smackle as a meltdown over the possibility of her failing Cory’s assignment, Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis) asks Lucas to talk to him. Out of hear shot of everyone else he tells Lucas that is Smackle truly has feelings for him then he would step out of the way for them to be happy. It seems like all the flirty comments that Smackle as directed towards Lucas has gotten to Farkle, and he wants to do what Riley did for Maya during the last season with Lucas. When the rest of the group joins them outside Farkle himself questions if the group would stick together after high school, since is the theory of evolution that proves people change. Recognizing the theory of evolution Maya realizes what Cory has done for her and her friends, since she failed it in Cory’s class but he made sure she knew it, because she would need it someday in the future.

Riley and Maya take their school assignment to Topanga (Danielle Fishel) and ask her if she believes that the landmarks of one’s life can help in preparing for the future. As those who were fans of Boy Meets World know, Topanga had some important decisions to make growing up. But, as she tells Riley and Maya, she wouldn’t redo anything she as done in her life, since every decision that she has made has lead her to this point. With a husband, two children, a great job and friends.

Back at Topanga’s Lucas searches out Smackle and sits next to her while she is working. Being slightly uncomfortable with the lack of personal space Lucas is giving her, Smackle expresses this closeness between her and Lucas while Farkle is not there. Lucas, acting confused, wonders why she says all these flirty comments to him with Farkle there if she does not actually want him. Smackle admits to him that her reasoning for saying all those things is a defence mechanim for herself because deep down she thinks that she cares for Farkle more than he cares for her. Only to her surprise, Farkle jumps out behind the counter and tells her that her thinking is wrong, and he does care for her very much, like he more than likes her 🙂 . But like most things are at their age, these feelings are new for him. Expressing his feelings for Smackle in the best way he knows how, he says that if he still feels like this towards her when they’re sixteen, he would allow her to go to another school then him. Smackle counter argues that her feelings would make her want to go to the same school as him. With Riley and Maya hearing this conversation at this point, Riley realizes that the schools they want to go to are far away. That time cannot slow down enough for the group to stay together forever, eventually life will create distance between them all.

In presenting their assignment to the class what Riley really took away from Cory’s lesson was that being sixteen as it’s own challenges. You’re in a position where you really have to think about the landmarks of your lives in order to figure out what the next steps of your life will be. When Riley looks back on her’s, she is aware that every major landmark is associated with the friends she has and hopes to keep. She realizes the luxury that being a freshman is, that she knows where she will be and who she will be with for the next three years.

Back at the Matthews, Riley and Maya enter the apartment to see a crying Auggie (August Maturo) with Topanga. Clearly upset, Riley asks what’s wrong. With Cory entering the apartment now too, Topanga is stunned over what she has just learned, she has just been promoted to the head of her law firm’s London office. Realizing that her mother is seriously considering taking the job, Riley now sits at a major landmark of her life right now. One that can change her future drastically.



Zay: ‘Well I think the big news here is that Lucas peeked in his sophomore year and now it’s Zay time.”


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