TV: This Is Us – “That Is Us” Moment (The Right Thing to Do)


Season 1, Episode 11 “The Right Thing to Do”

Airdate: January 10, 2017

*** warning, this contains spoilers for this week’s episode of This Is Us ***


Following the cliff hanger from the winter finale, we get to find out what happens to Toby after his accident. Kevin has a familiar face come back into his life, but they might not have gotten the welcoming they expected. While Randall has a discussion with William, concerning how he wants to live out the rest of his days.

The “That Is Us” Moment:

This episode shows the time in Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca’s (Mandy Moore) life when they are expecting, only they both think they are only having one baby. But as a doctor’s appointment reveals they are in fact having triplets. This shock to their systems sends both of them into panic, because preparing for child is hard enough but three? The fear of not being prepared for triplets has Rebecca considering asking her mother for help with having her and Jack move in with them. Seeing this form of defeat from his wife, during the most heart-wrenching scene involving Rebecca having a silent breakdown behind the kitchen wall, has Jack trying to do the best he can for his family. Jack goes to his estranged father for financial aid who we have learned about during this episode was abusive to Jack’s mother. Jack asking for help from the person he does not want it from the most shows that from the beginning he was going to do whatever he could for his wife and kids, even before they were born. Having to confront his father, Jack says whatever he has to in order to receive money from him:

“You were right about me, you have always been right about me. I’m no good; I’m never going to be any good. And I come to you and I have my hand out, so can you bail me out?”

This is do hard to watch Jack do because we know that it’s absolutely false. And to see that Jack is acting more like a father now before his kids are even born than is own father had been his entire life just shows the sharp contrast between the two men.


So what do you think? What was your favourite moment from the episode? Comment below!


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