BOOK REVIEW: Scrappy Little Nobody

Book, Book Review, Review

RATING: ★★★★★


Author: Anna Kendrick

Pages: 275 pages

Published: November 15, 2016


I normally am not interested in “celebrity-memoirs,” partially because 1) they’re mostly by celebrities from shows and/or movies that were before my time or 2) these stars don’t seem all that relatable to me (sorry Rob Lowe and Brooke Shields, but it’s hard for me to see us as being from the same species you handsome aliens!!!). But if I’m being honest, I was super excited for Anna Kendrick’s “memoir” Scrappy Little Nobody because in typical millennial fashion, she’s just so #relatable.

The book takes us back to the times of a young Kendrick making her debut on Broadway (and getting a Tony nomination in the process), being a part of the “Twilight” franchise, and her experiences on “Pitch Perfect.” As well as the whirlwind of being nominated for an Oscar for “Up in the Air” despite being flat-broke. Now not many people would find themselves in these experiences, how this young woman was dealing with these events is what makes readers want to be this girl’s best friend.

Because before she was the darling that makes great late-night segments that garners millions of YouTube views, she was this girl from Portland, Maine. Who was always the littlest in the class, bought the cheapest IKEA furniture when she moved out of her parents house (same girl), and who had a tendency to like boys who had no interest in her (again, relatable).

If Twitter ever needs proof of why they should increase their character allowance from 140 characters per tweet, they should read this book.



“I lost a Tony award to Broadway legend Audra McDonald when I was twelve so I’ve been a bitter bitch since before my first period.”

– Anna Kendrick


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