TV: This Is Us – “That Is Us” Moment (The Big Three)


Season 1, Episode 2 “The Big Three”

Air date: September 27, 2016

*** warning spoilers ahead for the second episode of This Is Us ***

Now that the big twist from the pilot has been established, the show now goes back and forth between Jack and Rebecca raising the ‘big three,’ to the ‘big three’ themselves, each kid grown up and living their own lives. This episode we see Kate, with the help of her new friend Toby, starting her new weight loss journey while also dealing with her brother’s, Kevin, image control after he quits his job on “The Manny.” Randall has welcomed his biological father William into his home and is dealing with their new relationships now that it is known William has a grim diagnosis of stomach cancer.


The “That Is Us” Moment: Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) are struggling with raising three children, or rather Rebecca is, and Jack is failing to see how is absence in the house is affecting his wife. In a moment of complete honesty, Rebecca confronts Jack after an evening out drinking and tells him to step up his parenting. Admits that she needs him to be there for him and their children. Asking more of him because she knows that he can be better, for the kids and for her.

Rebecca: “How do you think we’re doing so far, at parenting? Cause I think we’re at a ‘6’, on a sliding scale of 1 through 10, I think we’re at a ‘6’ and I think I’m being generous. ‘7’ fine, but only because there are three of them. And the thing is, I’m trying really hard to get us to a ‘9’. Because they are cute kids and they deserve ‘9’ parents and the thing is I feel like I’m there Jack. I feel like I’m operating at a ‘9’, because I do individualized lunches, and I do individualized tuck-ins for each kid so nobody feels jipped. And when you’re home and you’re you, you are way better then I am. You are a ‘10’ when you’re you. But you’re getting home later and later. And when you do come home…the drinking has to stop. You have to rain it in baby, cause I won’t have it in my house. I won’t. So if it’s a problem fix it, be a man and fix it. Because I’m done letting you lower our score.”

It’s an emotional scene to watch. Seeing someone beg their partner to be better, to help each other out, because that’s what being a partner is. To be there for one another. And this plea is made to be even more emotional when we discover at the end of the episode that in present day, Rebecca is no longer with Jack. She is married to Miguel (Jon Huertas), Jack’s co-worker. Leaving us wondering what happened between Jack and Rebecca, and why the beloved couple is no longer together.


What do you think? What was the “That Is Us” moment of the episode in your opinion? Comment below!


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