TV: This Is Us – “That Is Us’ Moment (Kyle)


Season 1, Episode 3 “Kyle”

Air date: October 11, 2016

*** warning spoilers ahead for the third episode of This Is Us ***

Rebecca is having trouble bonding with Randall, or Kyle has he’s known in this episode, because before the Kardashians made it famous for naming all their children with the letter “K,” Jack and Rebecca did it first. In present day when Randall introduces his mother to William, we discover they have already met. In an attempt to learn more about where her adopted son came from, Rebecca tracks down his biological father William weeks after he dropped him off at a fire station. Meanwhile Kate is taken on a fantastic first date with Toby, but is finding it hard to put her relationship with him in front of her relationship with her brother Kevin, who is struggling with the next step of his career.


The “That Is Us” Moment: This may not have been the most emotional scene of this episode, but it’s definitely one we can all somehow relate too. Leaving the comfort of home and family for the first time. When Kevin (Justin Hartley) has an opportunity to try out for a play on Broadway, his personal assistant and sister Kate (Chrissy Metz), is willing to drop everything going on in her life to help him make that transition. Including her new relationship with Toby (Chris Sullivan), who has just taken her on one of the best first dates ever. Realizing that his sister has and always will be there for him, Kevin knows that he must make this next step in his life with having the security of his sister there with him. Recognizing that is sister would follow him anywhere he goes, he decides to just book a ticket to NYC and fly out all by himself. Putting them both in unfamiliar situations, away from one another.

Kevin: “Oh Kate good you didn’t answer, hopefully that means you’re having sex. Anyway I did it. I booked a red-eye to New York I’m just going to do because you know, Kate if we keep talking about it we’ll talk ourselves out of it. I’ll never go and you’ll never stay. And I’m not going to say goodbye or anything sappy like that so… You know how I feel, okay.”

But leaving one coast to another not only creates a distance between him and his sister; it also limits the distance between him and Randall (Sterling K. Brown). Hopefully this close proximity will strengthen the relationship between the two brothers, who we’ve seen don’t have the best of relationships.


What do you think? What was the “That Is Us” moment of the episode in your opinion? Comment below!


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