BOOK REVIEW: The Best Kind of People

Book, Book Review

RATING: ★★★☆☆

Author: Zoe Whittall

Pages: 424

Published: August 27, 2016

George Woodbury is know as Teacher of Year at the prestigious school he works for, in fact, he’s been given the award every year for as long as anyone can remember. But what happens when the man with the best reputation is accused with doing the most unspeakable act?

The Best Kind of People tackles the topic or rape-culture but focuses not on the victims nor the attacker, but rather the people that are closest to them, their family.

George’s wife Joan is left confused and angry. Grappling with the fact that she may not fully know the man that she had called her husband for the better part of her life. Their over accomplished daughter Sadie, has to deal with the backlash from the school she attends, the same one her father taught at, as she’s faced with the victims of her father’s actions. Their son Andrew, who left the town as soon as he could, is forced to return. Having to confront the town that shunned him and how what happened there has still affected him years later.

Whittall makes the story less of a “did he didn’t he story,” but rather focuses on the fact that whether the man did or not, the relationships with his family will never be the same. Also acknowledging that we as a society will devour another family’s suffering as a entertainment without a second thought.


“When someone is your husband or father, that’s simply who they are. You don’t stop to question much about them, unless you’re given reason to, and they’d never been given reason to.”


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