Saturday Night Live, Television

COLD OPENING: Last week was the cold opening to end all cold openings, with the hilarious spoof of the first presidential debate. So assuming that they will do a spoof of the vice-presidential debate that occurred this week wouldn’t be too off the mark. And with the actual debate not nearly being as exciting as its predecessor, this cold opening was set up to have a slight disadvantage. That was until yesterday’s events. It was a whole different ballgame tonight. While the two vice-presidential candidates are left trying to defend their respective running mates, we are cut to ‘breaking news’ about the comments the Republican nominee Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) made regarding women back in 2005. As we witnessed last week, Baldwin is great as the now disgraced nominee. And one slight upside to the disastrous comments we heard about yesterday is that we get to see him again this week in the cold open.

OPENING MONOLOGUE: This week’s host is Tony award winner Lin Manuel Miranda, the creator of the sensational Broadway show Hamilton. The musical that seemed to have blown up Broadway and made people actually pay attention to American history. For anyone who did not know who this man is, his monologue gave them a glimpse into how great this free styling raps can be. SNL is not stranger to having the hosts sing their monologue, but the fast pace spectacle that Miranda performed was nothing short of brilliant. Even including in his rhymes a little jab at the show for having Trump as a host this previous season.

 HAVE TO YOUTUBE: “The Crucible Cast Party” In similar style to (Do It On My) Twin Bed musical skit with Jimmy Fallon (more on him later) a few season ago. That one was amazing, and this one was no different. Especially funny to those who ever was in drama club or participated in theatre in high school, this sketch has the girls of SNL rapping about how they’re going to let loose after their high school production of The Crucible. Having Lin Manuel free styling with a blonde wig and braces is just the cherry on this already amazing sketch.

 WEEKEND UPDATE: Weekend Update this week had everything. Jokes about Trump, Pete Davidson, sup Pete Davidson 😉 , Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon. I REPEAT, TINA FEY AND JIMMY FALLON. The two SNL alums play undecided female voters from Pennsylvania, and it’s absolute gold. With both stars being past Weekend Update anchors during their time on the show, it was great to see them as being guests behind the desk. Their segment included Tina throwing mad shade at Fallon for his interactions with Trump on the Tonight Show. For any fan of SNL this was an amazing cameo.

SKETCH TO SKIP: Whatever the first one was. The singing around the campfire, a weird incest undertone. It wasn’t awful, but compared to everything else it wasn’t the best. And perhaps not the sketch to lead the show with.

MUSICAL GUEST: 21 Pilots performed this week; you probably recognize their songs from the radio or from the closing credits of Suicide Squad. Honestly when Jimmy Fallon shoed up tonight, everything else about the show completely slipped my mind, including their performances. Sorry.

BEST LINE FROM THE SHOW: “If I remember to vote this remember, then I’m not going to throw away my shot.” – Lin Manuel Miranda


Host – Emily Blunt

Musical Guest – Bruno Mars


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