TV RECAP: Girl Meets Bear

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Air date: August 26, 2016

Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) is on a mission, and that mission is tacos. And she will stop at nothing until she is first in line at Paco’s Tacos to get said tacos (either eight or nine) when the restaurant opens. Even having Riley (Rowan Blanchard) coming with her, which is likely to mean something will go wrong, will not deter her from her mission. She has everything prepared; they’re already in the next day’s clothes, nothing can go wrong, right? Please, have you even seen this show?

The following morning when the girls wake up to be first in line for tacos, Riley realizes that her childhood stuffed bear; Beary the Bear bear (yes very original) has gone missing overnight. And she will not leave for tacos until he is found. She calls a family emergency and enlists everyone’s help to find him. And when Lucas (Peyton Meyer), Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis), and Zay (Amir Mitchell-Townes), come over in hopes of getting tacos they are forced to help find the childhood heirloom too. To encourage the gang to help her find her cherished bear, she tells them the story of how she was given the bear as a child. A younger Riley received the bear as a way to remember her parents when they were gone for the day at work. It’s enough of a tear-jerker to get everyone to help out.

As the group tears apart the apartment looking for Beary, Maya’s chance of getting tacos slips away. But Riley is her best friend (as she is reminded by visions of their younger selves) and also joins in the search party. Cory (Ben Savage) and Auggie (August Maturo) look in the kitchen for Beary and instead of the stuff animal Auggie finds a necklace with silver boxing gloves. Any fan of Boy Meets World will remember that this necklace was given to Cory by his dad in the episode ­­­­­­­­­­­“Kid Gloves.” They will also remember that Cory did not really care for the necklace, and in fact disliked it. But it was not until he lost it and realized how important it was to his dad that he had the necklace that he saw how special the gift was. Cory finds the necklace, and tells Auggie that the necklace itself wasn’t what was special, but the fact that it was his father that gave it to him. Just like Beary was given to Riley by Cory and Topanga.

Zay joins Maya, sitting the corner of the apartment and sad because of the lack of tacos in her possession. He reminds her of the first time they met (“Girl Meets the Secret of Life“), when he was sitting during the class car wash and Maya was nice enough to sit next to him to make him feel welcome. He tells her how much that meant to him, her making him feel like he belonged when he felt like an outsider.

As Farkle and Topagna (Danielle Fishel) are looking for Beary, Farkle comes across old scrapbooks. Inside are photos of a young Topanga, probably around the same age as Riley and her friends are now. Farkle asks Topanga about her old self, and how she outgrew her quirkiness (she no longer draws lipstick hearts on her face). Topanga tells Farkle that the old versions of yourself you carry around with you. They help you become the person you are now. Farkle recognizes that he has done this to with himself. Out of all the characters on this show, Farkle has definitely changed the most. And he’s recognizing that he is definitely not the same person as before.

Riley and Lucas are looking in her bedroom (this is Disney Channel get your head out of the gutter). While searching through her wardrobe, even though she was sleeping at the bay window and nowhere near her closet but whatever, she asks Lucas if he has anything from his childhood. He tells the story of his Papi Joe giving him a little sack of gold. He thought he was the most special kid, because he had this sack of gold. Until he say Zay with the same sack. Turns out that sack only had bubble gum in it. Although Lucas never opened his to find out if his had candy in it too. Instead he chose to continue the belief that there was gold inside. Reiterating the lesson that it was really the fact that his Papi gave it to him that made it feel like gold, even if it turn out to only be bubble gum.

Uncle Josh (Uriah Shelton) joins that party cause why not. Let’s make this teddy search party a complete family affair. Visiting from college to do laundry at the Matthews, Josh joins in on the search for Teddy. His presence in this episode is also to remind viewers of the moment that he and Maya shared at the ski lodge (“Girl Meets Ski Lodge Part 1,” “Girl Meets Ski Lodge Part 2”). Josh is adamant that Riley must find her childhood toy. As it turns out, Josh is not adjusting to college life well, and tells the gang that their time in high school will be one of the last opportunities for them to enjoy their childhood. Riley and Lucas leave to her room to continue the search.

Paco’s Tacos are completely sold out of tacos, and Maya has no tacos. And it’s at this time that the group begins to lose hope in the fact that they’ll find the teddy bear. Maya tells Riley that maybe she is ready to let go of Beary, and she knows it’s time to let him go too. Riley agrees, and brings out takeout bags from Paco’s Tacos, which she and Lucas got when they left to go look for Beary again. Inspired by the bonding that is going on between Riley and Maya, Cory gives Auggie his dad’s silver gloves. He knows that Auggie will eventually loose them, but knows how important it is to give it away anyways.

The gang believes that Beary knew Riley was ready to move on with her life without him. But knowing that she would never give up Beary herself, he did it for her. That sometime in the night, he packed up his things and said goodbye. Josh knows that he cannot hide out at the Matthews’ forever, that he too must pack up his things and return to his life in college. No matter how difficult it seems. That he might be missing out on a great opportunity to meet people, and for people to meet him.

Than the plot twist that came completely out of left field happens. Zay approaches Josh and uses what Josh has just realized about him missing out on his new experiences and applies it to Maya waiting for him. That she could really miss out on some great life moments if she constantly waiting for a time in her life when she and Josh can be together. Josh agrees, which gives Zay the courage to ask Maya to… well it’s not really to be his girlfriend. More like to be each other’s person. That when Riley and Lucas are out doing their thing, she knows that Zay will be there so she does not feel alone. He will always be there to sit next too.

Best Line From the Show:

“Sometimes it’s a little pack of bubble gum. But if the right person gives it to you, then it’s gold.”

– Lucas (Peyton Meyer)

“And if you really care about her you don’t want her thinking so much about later that she ends up missing out on now.”

– Zay (Amir Mitchell-Townes)


** yeah so I couldn’t decide on one best line from this episode, so sue me J **


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