TV RECAP: Girl Meets Ski Lodge (Part 2)

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Air date: July 29, 2016

We return to the ski lodge, and Riley (Rowan Blanchard) is still up talking to the boy behind the check-in desk at the substitute bay window. The check-in boy, Evan (Curran Walters), expresses his desire to be a Sherpa of all things and to lead people to places they haven’t been before. Riley, who is always there to listen to her friends and encourages them to achieve their dreams, gives the same courtesy to Evan. As the morning dawn comes in they realize they have been up talking all night. Riley panics and tries to escape the situation without anybody noticing. This fails and ultimately the entire nature club knows that she spent the night talking to Evan, including Lucas (Peyton Meyer).

Trying to defend Riley in this predicament, Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) goes to Lucas. As Maya tries to reiterate the fact that Riley was only talking to Evan it only seems to make Lucas more upset. While Riley talks to Josh (Uriah Shelton) for advice on how her and Maya ended up liking the same boy. Josh, who speaks with the wisdom that can only be achieved by being three years older then everyone else, points out that Maya’s wanting to protect Riley trumped her own need to be her own person. And only a best friend would do that for someone.

When the girls get together at the bay window. Riley asks why Maya was protecting her, with Maya claiming that as they get older they are experiencing new and terrifying things that they know nothing about. All which have the ability to hurt them. Maya’s attempt to be like Riley demonstrated that she was willing to give up who she was in order to make sure Riley would be safe with Lucas. While the girls are talking, Josh and Lucas are talking too. Lucas asks Josh for his opinion on what Riley staying up and talking to Evan means. Evan, who overhears the conversations joins in, and with him in the infamous game ‘The Official Guide of Who Belongs with Who.’

Yes, ‘The Official Guide of Who Belongs with Who,’ any Boy Meets World fan will recognize this game as the one that almost ruined Cory (Ben Savage) and Topanga (Danelle Fishel) forever. So, what damage could it do here? Evan states that this book is not the same one from when Cory and Topanga were teenagers, but a new edition. So this new edition couldn’t cause any problems, right? The first question from this new edition asks what is the most meaningful part a relationship. With the first two options being romance and adventure, tying into last week’s episode with each of those characteristics being associated with Riley and Maya. And as we learned from last week, each one of those options has a downfall. With those two options being vetoed by the group, Evan reveals a third answer choice, conversation. Being able to connect with a person and tell them anything, even if that means staying up all night to do so.

The aftermath of just the first question of the book leads the group to divide; Lucas goes away to let out some frustration, Maya leaves with Josh, and Riley goes away alone to think. With Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis) and Smakle (Cecilia Balagot) alone with Evan, it is revealed that the book that Evan was reading from was in fact the version from Cory and Topanga’s teenage years. When confronted with the question of why he would trick them into playing this game, Evan expresses that it is his aim in life to make people discover things they hadn’t discovered before.

With Maya and Josh talking at the bay window, Maya asks Josh what he thinks about her and Riley’s situation. Josh says that while he has been observing Maya he had discovered what a great friend she is towards Riley. And in her attempt to become a great friend towards Riley, she was willing to give up who she was in order to figure out if Lucas was good enough for Riley. This observation makes Maya realize that she doesn’t like Lucas the same was Riley does, because when they both tried to have the same kind of conversations that him and Riley do she poured a smoothie on his head. Maya ultimately would never take anything that Riley had, because of how much she cares for her. Knowing that Riley would do the same. Maya makes Josh realize that the kind of conversation they are having is one that can form a meaningful relationship, and that the whole time they have been talking they’ve been holding hands.

Taking what she did from her conversation with Josh, Maya goes to talk to Lucas. Knowing that she is not the one that he wants to be with Maya urges Lucas to go find Riley and tell her how he feels. Josh watches this interaction and goes to Maya. Stating that it would be stupid of him to not have a friend like Maya in his life just because of an age difference. Let it be known that he said friend, and not girlfriend in this part. But Maya points out that there is a small window of time in the year where their age difference changes from three to two years. And they should utilize that time. But Josh has a different proposal. Just like Maya had said in ‘Girl Meets Game Night,’ with her feelings towards Josh she is in it for the long game. And Josh expresses his feelings for her and tells her he is willing to play too. The two shake on a someday.

Back to the wannabe Sherpa Evan, he tells Riley that when people go to places that they have never been before he likes the look on their faces. The look like the world has endless possibilities. Riley tells him that he will make a great Sherpa one day and they part ways, Evan to the check-in desk and Riley to the bay window. Lucas finds Riley and sits with her at the window. He tells Riley that talking to her is one of his favourite things. He says that she can talk to whomever she wants but he wants the important talks, the ones that make him like Riley, to stay between them. And the only way to endure that those conversations stay between the two of them is to be together. Lucas gives Riley the jellybean from ‘Girl Meets Upstate,’ claiming that it represents his decision to choose Riley. That she was always the one that he wanted to be with. Riley in return, gives Lucas the leaf that fell onto her lap from last week’s episode. Stating that you only have one life, and if you are lucky you will blow into someone that you want to talk to (DO YOU SEE THE SYMBOLISM BETWEEN THE LEAF AND RILEY AND LUCAS?!?! THE SUBWAY!!! MAYA PUSHING RILEY ONTO LUCAS’ LAP!!!)

The episode ends with Riley and Maya at the bay window back in New York. Both knowing that there are new things ahead of them and they don’t know how it will turn out. Riley tells Maya that you are lucky in life to have one great relationship. Her parents had it from when they were children and never let it go. She tells Maya she has no idea how her first relationship with Lucas will end. But she does know that it is her friendship with Maya that is her one great relationship in life. And that will never change.

Oh and Evan is Lauren’s son.


“I’ll play the long game. Live your life; I’ll live my life. I know you’re out there, and I’m out there too.” – Josh Matthews (Uriah Shelton)

This is probably going to be the Girl Meets World equivalent to this infamous Boy Meets World line:



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