TV RECAP: Girl Meets Ski Lodge (Part 1)

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Air date: July 22, 2016

Every Boy Meets World fan will always remember what happened at the ski lodge in season 5. It was almost the end of Cory and Topanga. So naturally, when the next two episodes of Girl Meets World are aptly called ‘Girl Meets Ski Lodge (Part 1&2), it’s a good guess that something just as monumental will happen as well. So guess where the high school nature club is going for their trip…. You guessed correctly the Mount Sun Lodge. While the nature club will be going up to observe the leaves change colour, what Cory (Ben Savage) really wants the gang to focus on is human nature. What they instinctively want to do, but probably shouldn’t (like kiss a girl that’s not your girlfriend). Also expressing the inherent tension that is this triangle between Riley (Rowan Blanchard), Maya (Sabrina Carpenter), and Lucas (Peyton Meyer). And he feels like the ski lodge is where it’s all going to be figured out. But Cory is not chaperoning this trip solo, with him comes Topanga (Danielle Fishel) and Uncle Josh (Uriah Shelton). This is going to get interesting.

When the gang gets to the lodge, Riley has fallen off the bus and hurt her foot (naturally) and finds a new bay window to sit at. While she misses out on the first club hike, she sits at the bay window to watch the leaves on the tree, and one falls onto her lap. When the group comes back from their hike Riley learns that Maya had broken the rules in order to help out Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis) who had wondered off, and in doing so Lucas got roped into breaking the rules too. With the old Maya back she is back to her own ways, and she calls out Lucas for reprimanding her on a quality that he likes about her. But Lucas tells her that he’s not sure her rule breaking is hat he likes about her. Riley expresses her desire that the triangle be over; explaining that just like the leaf in her lap knew it was time to change and leave the tree, it is time that the triangle is over too.

Lucas has already made is choice, we saw that in ‘Girl Meets Upstate,’ but he feels that this is a decision that needs to be made together. Looking at Riley and Maya, he knows that he would have a different life with either of them. It’s just a matter of what kind of life he wants. Each girl imagines up a scenario what their life together would be like. Honestly this is the part of the episode where it went kind of weird and lost it for me, but the takeaway is quite obvious. With Maya he would leave an adventurous life and never have a dull moment; but Maya’s attraction to adventure also leads her to break the rules, which Lucas does not want to be a part of. And could potentially be the cause of their demise. With Riley, everything would be sunshine and rainbows, their romance one for the ages. But Riley’s tendency to let her emotions take over her completely, that too could be a reason for destruction between her and Lucas.

The three parties believe that they can come to a decision, and in a way that will not ruin their friendship. But how the choice will be made is the mystery. Do they decide for themselves or let their human nature control their lives? As the gang parts for the evening, Cory asks the group who controls their lives? While everyone stumbles into their rooms for the evening, Riley decides to stay up for a little longer and watch the star from the bay window. While the lobby empties, and Riley is by herself, a young mysterious boy comes into the lodge and sits behind the check in desk. And we all know that the person who sits behind the check in desk at the Mount Sun Lodge will definitely be involved in the lives of the Matthews.


“It’s not Yoby that I’m worried about anyway. Yoby’s forever.” Cory Matthews (Ben Savage)


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