TV RECAP: Girl Meets True Maya

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Air date: July 15, 2016

With this season’s theme revolving around the idea of people change people we witnessed in last week’s episode that Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) let Riley’s (Rowan Blanchard) influence on her effect her in such a way that she had lost a piece of herself, of her identity. Now, Maya is on a mission, to become her old self again, and she’s jumping in headfirst. To set up the lesson of this week’s episode we enter into Cory’s (Ben Savage) history lesson, on the city of Pompeii and the eruption of Mount Vesuvius (**hint, hint**). Explaining to the class that volcanoes explode so that they don’t have a bigger eruption down the road (**hint, hint, hint**).

The b-storyline brings back a season 2 favourite Doi/Dewey (Cooper J. Friedman), who is hanging out with Auggie (August Maturo) again. Auggie bring Doi to Topanaga (Danielle Fishel) for her help after it has been discovered that Doi has been stealing candy from the local variety store without knowing that it was stealing. Now even though Do is a cutie, it will be hard for this storyline to pull the focus from Maya this episode.

Back with the gang, Riley wants Maya to have her rebellious eruption as soon as possible so that there is not a bigger one down the line. While Maya doesn’t seem to be on any timeline, instead she is trying to figure out herself and her place in the world. Including her place within the group of friends. While all these little incidents have been occurring around them; a false fire alarm, missing money, the blame went straight for Maya. Even though in every one of those incidents Maya was innocent, she seemed to let the perception of her friends as being the ‘bad girl’ effect her. So she’ll take that perception and make it true.

Continuing with Cory’s lesson, he asks the class, minus Maya, why the people of Pompeii would choose to live next to a volcano. They could live anywhere. Except for the fact that volcanic soil produces the prettiest flowers. So even though their home was dangerous to be around, the pay off was worth it. Cory explains that this applies to people as well. Everyone has great qualities about themselves, but they also have faults too. It is up to the people around them to choose whether it’s worth to be around them. Concluding that it is okay to explode, that is in people’s nature.

With that we find Maya, alone at night, outside a repair shop with a hammer, a brick, and some spray paint. While she stands outside of the shop looking at what she’s brought, two old friends join her, ones she had before she met Riley. Upon seeing that she has brought some toys for them to play with, the girls berate Maya about how she grew soft after spending so much time with Riley. Claiming that she should prove herself as being the old Maya and destroy what’s around her. One of the girls takes the hammer from Maya and chips away a piece of the sculpture standing outside of the repair shop. The sculpture being that of four people, standing side by side. Maya chooses to not participate in the destruction and stands up for herself and the sculpture, choosing to not be that version of Maya.

While it was discovered that Doi had stolen candy over the year, the police officer that comes to the Matthew’s house to find Doi appears again in the episode. But this time, he brings one Maya to the Matthew’s house. Claiming that she had vandalized in his part of the neighbourhood. Returning to the scene of the crime, on the wall next to the sculpture of the four people now is covered in all colours with the world ‘HOPE’ written across. Maya explains that she had come to a crossroads, when she was being confronted by those two girls from her past she could have easily joined them and continue to destroy the statue. But it was Riley’s influence on her that made her act differently, and will always make her do what is right. Claiming that having Riley in her life has made her stronger, not weaker. Of course, this makes the police officer turn the other cheek with the whole incident. Because he has hope for his neighbourhood too, and Maya is proof that it does exist.

The episode ends with the gang gathered around that sculpture that Maya saw be destroyed but also helped repair back to normal. Telling Riley, Lucas (Peyton Meyer), and Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis) that she would hang around this sculpture and hope to have friends like that. Wanting to know what made them so happy, and grateful to be in a position that she can figure that out for herself.


“You can’t be with her all the time Riley, the job of being someone’s best friend is to make sure that even when you’re not with them, you’re still there.” – Cory (Ben Savage)


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