Review, Saturday Night Live, Television

Cold Open: Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders walk into a bar… For the last cold open of the season SNL played it smart and brought out the two big hitters with Kate MacKinnon and Larry David who have been killing it with the impressions of the Democratic nominees. Poking fun at the fact that Sanders will not give up on his campaign and at Clinton’s obvious determination to win. Ending this season’s chapter of political impressions by waltzing through the SNL studio in a hazy fog.

Opening Monologue: For the season finale SNL asked former cast member Fred Armisen who after his time on the show now stars on the show Portlandia. Deciding to do a standup bit for his monologue, he launches into a small portion of his fictitious one-man show about his audition for SNL. Gaining some laughs, I was just happy that he decided not to do a singing monologue.

Have to YouTube: “Finest Girl” ANDY SAMBERG IN A DIGITAL SHORT! I REPEAT, ANDY SAMBERG IN A DIGITAL SHORT! Playing Connor4Real in the upcoming movie Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping this short is a music video for one of the many songs that have been released for the film. Considering that the song was created by Lonely Island who used to be a part of SNL shorts for several seasons, this was a great throwback for long time fans, but also hilarious by comparing hooking up a girl to Osama Bin Laden.

Weekend Update: What I’m going to miss most about SNL being done for the season is seeing Michael Che and Colin Jost tell some of the best jokes of the show. And this season finale was no exception. Featuring Maya Rudolf as the President of Brazil and Keenan Thompson as Michael’s friend Willie, Update is always the best part of the show. I’ll miss you guys, see you in the fall!

Musical Guest: Musical guest this week is Courtney Barnett, who is someone I have never heard of before. And to be completely honest I was just going to change the channel or use this time as a washroom break but when she started playing the first song of the night, “Nobody Really Cares If You Don’t Go to the Party” I was completely pulled in. For one this has to be the best song title in all of history, and two this performance was just badass. Felt very throwback-y.

Best Line of the Show: “We know how important your guns are, for your daughter’s wedding and cooking bacon.” – Michael Che


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