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Cold Open: Just before the show started I was trying to think about what went on in the world of politics in America this week, and just before the screen turned black it came to me, The Democratic Debate! And that’s exactly what happened. In an instance you know what that’s going to mean, KATE MACKINNON!!!! LARRY DAVID!!!! TOGETHER AGAIN!!! This set up is hard to beat. Poking fun at how the debate got heated between the two candidates, and inclusion questions from the audience. And who is an audience member but none other than JULIA LOUIS DREYFUS!!!! Don’t even have to wait for the monologue to see her. A special shout out to audience member Rachel Green (Vanessa Bayer), who needs to make more appearances on the show.

Monologue: Hosting duties tonight go to Julia Louis Dreyfus, who is back for the third time n Stage 42. Dreyfus is currently on HBO’s Veep, which will premieres its fifth season April 24th. Poking fun at the fact that she was on the show at the same time as cast member such as Eddie Murphy and Martin Short, making her kind of fade into the background. Noting how that is all different how, that people know her as the Old Navy spokesperson now. She tells the audience how her character in Veep, a crazy politician, was never supposed to be a reality today. Joining her monologue by helping her with the cue cards is one of her Veep costars (I presume, I have never seen the show).

Have to YouTube: (Pool Boy) I feel bad that all my favourite sketches from the past few weeks have been previously recorded, but they’ve been the best and this week is no different. Dreyfus is plays a middle age woman who is having an affair with her pool boy, Chad played by Pete Davidson. Trying to break it off with the young man, she really wants to tell him how she is feeling, while Chad couldn’t be more “okay” with it. Dreyfus really got to show her stuff and Davidson was the perfect choice for the pool boy. It doesn’t take long for Dreyfus to get over her heartbreak when she spots the new grass cutter Toby, sup Nick Jonas? 😉

Weekend Update: Other than Cecily Strong’s “Female Written in a Male Driven Comedy” I’ll be honest and admit that I was dozing off around this point of the show. Sorry Michael and Colin.

Sketch to Skip: None really, stood out to me as being particularly bad. They were just “meh” to me this week, sorry.

Musical Guest: Nick Jonas is the musical guest this week, his second solo album Last Year Was Complicated gets released on June 10th. His first song of the night was “Close” which had him joined by Tove Lo who accompanies him on the track. Assuming this was the first performance of the song, it was great. Tove Lo brought her stuff and at times had me thinking that she was the musical guest, making Jonas have to bring it. I will be YouTubing the second performance of the show.

Best Line from the Show:

“In private I have been president for 15 years.” – Hilary Clinton (Kate MacKinnon)

May 7

Host: Brie Larson

Musical Guest: Alicia Keys


It’s exam time right now, and I need to catch up on my sleep, but I’ll try again May 7th


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