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Cold Open: With president nominees as outrageous as the ones right now should we really be expecting anything other than political sketches for the cold open? Back at it with from CNN we have the fantastic Kate MacKinnon and Cecily Strong as a newscaster and Trump supporter. The topic up for discussion is the outlandish and downright offensive things that Republican candidate (and former SNL host) Donald Trump has said. The fact that SNL can make a complete sketch based on all the ridiculous things that Trump has actually said is unreal. Featuring Darrell Hammond saying things that Donald Trump has not actually said but you could totally see him saying them in real life. Honestly, there almost seems to be no difference at this point.

Monologue: And we’re back from hiatus, this week with first time host Peter Dinklage. Here to promote the six season of Game of Thrones which is premieres on HBO on April 24th. Since his Game of Thones role is his most popular might as well use this time to get all the GofTs references out of the way now. He states that even he does not know if Jon Snow is dead. Kate Mackinnon comes out as the Queen of Dragons and Leslie Jones as the actual dragon.

Have to YouTube: (Naked and Afraid: Celebrity Edition) It’s just like Naked and Afraid but this time it is with celebrities. This digital short has Peter Dinklage partnered with SNL cast member Leslie Jones alone, naked, and in the wilderness. This is just another sketch where Jones gets to be the genius that she is. If you are a celebrity do not take Jones on this show, unless you want your survival item to be Franks Red Hot. She also tends to not be able to call you by your real name; instead she just called Dinklage Tyrion the whole time. It’s a shame that none of the live sketches made me laugh this much.

Weekend Update: This was the best part of the show. Weekend Update is always the constant in my book. Making good jabs at Donald Trump and bringing on cast members such as Pete Davidson to talk about the Hulk Hogan v Gawker sex tape scandal, as well as Keenan Thompson as Big Pappi of the Boston Red Sox to talk about his retirement. Micheal Che and Colin Jost saving the show for me.

Sketch to Skip: (Winnie the pooh) Just no… I see what they were trying to do. But this was not the sketch to start off the night with. Shout out to Jay Pharaoh, he still needs to be in more sketches. 

Musical Guest: Musical guest this week is Gwen Stefani, whose new album This Is What the Truth Feels Like released back in March starts off the show with her new song “Make Me Like You.” It was a good performance, nothing bad to say about it but also did not blow me away

*** Let it be known that I was way to tired to stay up for the whole show, I went to bed after Weekend Update. ***

Best Line from the Show:

“Your cousin was just in the movie The Revenant.” – Deny the Real (Jay Pharaoh)

April 9:

Host: Russell Crowe

Musical Guest: Margo Price


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