MOVIE REVIEW: Batman v Superman – Dawn of Justice

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RATING: ★★★★☆

Cast: Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Amy Adams, Gal Godot, Jeremy Irons, Jesse Eisenberg, Holly Hunt

Director: Zack Snyder

Length and Rating: 2hrs 31min PG-13

One of the most anticipated films of the year has finale arrived to theaters. All the trailers and promotional footage that have been (slowly) released to us over the past year has lead to this. And in a film where arguable the two most powerful and popular superheroes in the DC universe fight not only the bad guys but each other; that concept produces a larger than life spectacle of a show.

Taking place after the events in Man of Steel, we have Superman (Henry Cavill) facing a world where he is not accepted by everyone. One of the members of the anti-Superman club is Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck), businessman by day and the “Bat of Gotham’s” Batman by night. From Batman’s perspective you see what destruction Superman has caused in his attempts to save the world.

The film dives into this idea of what would really happen if there were someone like Superman in the world. A person who can do the impossible, someone who could save the world and in doing so create hope for people. Would that person have consequences? Would they have to answer to anyone? Who gets to decide who gets saved and who doesn’t? Where Batman ‘created’ his power with his wealth and was fueled by a need by his city, Superman was born a hero. With powers that are too great for a person, which is why he is not from this earth.

Henry Cavil continues to be great as Superman, as a man conflicted with what he feels he should do and what people want him to do. As the man opposite Kal-El we have Ben Affleck as the Batman, while he definitely has the superhero chin and physique to fill out the cape crusader’s outfit Affleck also bring the ruggedness and grit that this character needs. With the Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy so fresh in our minds still, Affleck had the hardest job of the movie. Trying to bring his own take on a character that is so well know and has been done brilliantly in the past.

Special shout-outs go to Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luther. An actor, who along with Affleck, people had serious doubts about his ability to play this role. Showing the more psychotic side of Superman’s nemesis, Eisenberg is a scene-stealer. Sharing that talent is Gal Godot playing Wonder Women. Although she is not in many scenes, what she is in gave us hope for the upcoming Wonder Women film. Showing how a woman can really kick some ass in these men-centric worlds.

As much praise as this film seems to be getting in this review, it does have little flaws. Mainly with time jumping, some scenes you are unsure as to if it is a scene that is actually happening or just being dreamt by some character. Also there seems to be too many scenes where these two superheroes are just simply not using their brains. But this film does do a fantastic job in setting up for the future Justice League film, where all the superheroes people love all join together.


“Be their hero, Clark. Be their angel, be their monument, be anything they need you to be… or be none of it. You don’t owe this world a thing. You never did.”

Martha Kent (Diane Lane)


2 thoughts on “MOVIE REVIEW: Batman v Superman – Dawn of Justice

  1. (Like your blog title by the way, same applies haha!) Good review. Interesting to read a write up from a different view-point! I mean, I thought Man of Steel was a mediocre superhero film…and then, this…well…I was lost for words. Please feel free to take a look at my review and let me know what you think:


    1. I think I went into this film with such low expectations that every “okay” part of the movie I thought was amazing haha. I was expecting the worst, I may have been a little generous with my rating. But I enjoyed going to go see it. Can appreciate the points you made with your review, got a follow from me 🙂

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