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Cold Open: With everything going on in American politics it makes sense that the cold opens will revolve around them. This week we’re back with CNN’s America’s Choice coverage of the Republican and Democratic candidates. Starting with Trump, Darrell Hammond, and the endorsement he received from Ben Carson, Jay Pharoh. Glad to see that after last week’s slam-dunk impressions on Weekend Update Pharoh is getting more screen time. Achieving Carson’s ability to look creepy and dazed all at the same time. Over on the democrats’ side Bernie Sanders basks in the glow of his Michigan win. With Bernie Sanders comes Larry David who we eat up, and uses that in his Sanders impression, “I’m great, but not 5 Facebook posts a day great.” Brilliantly describing his similarity with young voters, because he knows what he wants but has no idea how to achieve them.

Monologue: Host this week is Ariana Grande, now known more as a singer Grande actually got her start on Nickelodeon’s Victorious before making big on the billboard charts. Making note of her start on the children’s channel she is joined on stage by fellow Nickelodeon alum Kenan Thomas, who began his show on its sketch show All That before becoming an SNL cast member. Acknowledging the donut licking incident, Grande notes that that is the most scandalous thing she has ever done and wants to change her squeaky clean image. Breaking out into song, she sings about what her scandal will be. Stating pretty much everything that could possibly go wrong by a celebrity she is with lovely cameos with Cecily Strong and Pete Davidson.

Have to YouTube: (Family Feud) FAMILY FEUD! FAMILY FEUD! FAMILY FEUD! This is one of the best sketches that SNL does, and this week’s is no different. It’s directors versus actors, and back with Thomas’s amazing Steve Harvey impression. Allowing a lot of cast members to show off their skills, or just further proving why they are on the show. From Kate MacKinnon’s Tiida Swinton and Grande’s Jennifer Lawrence impersonation, it’s just all around a great sketch.

(Tidal Music) Similar to the sketch Bruno Mars did years ago Ariana Grande plays an intern at Tidal music, the music streaming service run by Jay Z. When all the feeds start to go haywire, only Grande can save the day. This sketch allows people unaware of her talent to see her do amazing impressions of Britney Spears, Shakira, and Celine Dion. Yes, it’s really just her singing the whole sketch, but it’s amazing so it doesn’t matter.

Weekend Update: Between covering the Trump rally Colin Jost and Michael Che bring on “The Drunkest Contestant on the Bachelor” played by the yet again amazing Cecily Strong. Fans of the show will recognize the woman on the show she is trying to mimic (Lace anyone?) which only makes it the more funny. Back again this week is Che’s friend Riblet, who just wants to watch his bootleg copy of Batman v Superman. Not my favourite character on Update, but he creates laughs in proving how easy Che’s job can be.

Sketch to Skip: No complaints tonight! Really enjoyed the show!

Musical Guest: Pulling double duty as both this week’s host and musical guest Grande first performance is introduced by Larry David, who has an unfortunate name flub. Grande is able to laugh it off during the beginning of her performance of her new single Dangerous Woman, which was released earlier this week. Using the advantage of being live to show off her strong vocal range. For the second song of the evening she performed You’ll Be Alright, which is also expected to be on her new album. This song allowing her to do some dancing and move around, it was another good performance. With Ariana Grande you either like her music or you don’t, for those who do it was a good show.

 Best Line From the Show:

“If Leslie Jones hears about his we’re both dead” (Colin Jost)

April 2: Peter Dinklage with musical guest Gwen Stefani


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