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Cold open: It’s the Saturday right after Super Tuesday in the United States so of course the cold open is going to be a political one. Tonight, we’re coming from CNN American Choice’s coverage of the potential presidential nominees. Reporting on Donald Trump and his endorsement from Bobby Moynihan’s Chris Christie, including his implication of his penis size. Switching over to the less exciting Democratic nominee, we are honoured with the brilliant Kate MacKinnon’s Hilary Clinton. Noting that she will gain the support of voters who do not want to vote for Trump. Ending the cold open we get a special appearance of Mitt Romney played by none other than Jason Sudakis, “I’m back, you didn’t ask for it but you got it.” And as an SNL viewer, man I am so glad he is here.

Monologue: Back for a 4th time hosting this weekend is Jonah Hill. Now I have no idea why he is hosting this week because I don’t think he his promoting anything. And Hill acknowledges his absence in movies but mentioning the great year he has had thus far watching other movies, the ones that he is not in. Proposing that he skips the monologue altogether and just jumps to the musical guest, Future comes out and Hill suggest they sing together. Singing the song Future has with Drake, Hill takes the Drake sections. Now me not knowing any of Future’s song I have not idea if Hill was actually singing the words or just making them up on the fly. But in all honesty, it’s not that bad. Better than an overused song and dance monologue. Was secretly hoping for another Leonardo DiCaprio appearance.

Have to YouTube: (Inside SoCal) Was saving this spot for the Adam Grossman sketch, but I guess I was being a bit too hopeful on that one. Instead it goes to another repeat segment of Hill’s Inside SoCal. A bunch of southern California guys covering the news most important to them, like a former classmates breast reduction surgery. I actually have no idea if this sketch was pre-recorded or live, but either way it was pretty funny.

Weekend Update: Colin Jost and Micheal Che are back in full force this week kicking Weekend Update with the OJ Simpson case. Mentioning the ridiculousness of the whole knife thing, almost like it was out of the FX show or something. Covering the primary elections, and again all the penis jokes around Donald Trump. Joining the hosts at the news desk is the well-missed Cecily Strong’s Girl You Wished You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With. YES!!!!!! Why is she not on the show every week, complete gold her remarks. Also making an appearance is Jay Pharoah describing the secret meeting of black comedians. Pharoah proves that he is one of the most underused cast members of SNL with spot on impressions of the likes of Eddie Murphy, Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, and Chris Tucker. This was the high point of the show.

Sketch to Skip: (Fond Du Lac News) Again I was just disappointed that the first sketch of the gate was not a reappearance of Adam Grossman. So it wasn’t that this sketch wasn’t funny, I just wanted something else.

Musical Guest: Here for his first appearance on SNL, Future’s first song of the evening was, Low Life featuring The Weeknd. Again not knowing much of Future’s music I really liked this because it had The Weeknd, someone’s music I do know. The final song of the evening I have no idea what it was called, I tried to Google lyrics to find out the name. But couldn’t decipher any of the lyrics. But besides that it looked like he had a great time, and the crowd loved it.

Best Line(s) From the Show:

“I love your sketches, they remind me of how much I miss Andy Samberg.” – Jonah Hill

“Ben Carson just pulled out and that’s supposed to be the most effective birth control method.” – Cecily Strong (Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With)

“Leonardo DiCaprio was right, bears.” – Cecily Strong (Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With)

Next Week: Ariana Grande


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