TV RECAP: Girl Meets the Bay Window

Recap, Television

Air date: February 19, 2016

If an episode of Girl Meets World hasn’t made you cry yet, then that might change. And if you have already cried from a previous episode then you may be adding Girl Meets the Bay Window to the list. We begin at the bay window where Riley (Rowan Blanchard) approaches Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) on the subject of changing the appearance of their favourite hangout location. Where all their important decisions are made, arguments resolved, and where they’ve discovered who they are. Riley believes that has they change; the bay window should do so as well. But Maya is adamant, no change. Feeling that the important things in life shouldn’t have to.

When Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis) enters the scene, he tries to console Maya into believing that change can be okay. We witness the first flashback of the episode, to the moment when a young Riley and Maya first meet Farkle. When even back then be promised to love them both the same. Showing Maya that even though Farkle has changed over the years, even the seasons, he has never been anything less then their friend. Lucas (Peyton Meyer) climbs through the bay window to also express his attachment to the special spot, stating that because it is important to Riley and Maya it is important to him as well. There is a bit of confusion here between the gang because Lucas did not know them when they were younger. This confusion attempts to be cleared up with a weird flashback/musical number with Lucas being accompanied with a younger Riley, Maya, and Farkle. With Maya’s opinion not wavering Riley takes matters into her own hand and yanks the curtain off its rail.

With the bay window in complete disarray, Cory (Ben Savage) and Topanga (Danielle Fishel) enter the scene. Providing another flashback for the episode, showing the time when Auggie was born into the Matthews family. This was a time when Riley resented change and did not want Auggie to alter her family. A young Maya, who was with Riley during this time, confronts the sad truth that she does not know where her Dad is or if he will be in her life. Present day Maya continues to be afraid of starting high school, that it has the potential to completely change the world around her, and the bay window she feels will be the start of it. If that constant in her life can change, then what else can?

The third and final flashback of the episode unfolds itself, showing the viewers the moment when Riley and Maya first met, and their friendship formed. And it was the same way viewers of the show met the character in the series premiere, with Maya climbing through the bay window. In the flashback, young Maya was drawn window by the colours of the curtains and a young Riley’s singing. All Riley had ever wanted at that time was for a friend to come through the window.

There is a moment that every person goes through when they say goodbye to things of their childhood, although not everybody notices as obviously as Riley and Maya have. And it’s not often just a one-time event. Riley and Maya saying goodbye to the old bay window also means that viewers of Girl Meets World also has to say goodbye to it as well. A setting where they had grown familiar watching Riley and Maya grow up and strengthen their friendship. Riley asks Maya to remember who they were when the were younger, causing their younger selves to appear in front of them. Allowing them to see who they were, and hoping that they will always be with them as they continue to grow up. The episode ends with a flash-forward, where present day Riley and Maya envision themselves older sitting at the bay window. As all the versions of Riley and Maya head out of the bay window together, they hope that they people they are now also will be with them as they head out and experience life.


“People get comfortable with what is familiar.” – Cory Matthews

“And when you get too comfortable you don’t allow yourself room to grow.” – Topanga Matthews


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