TV RECAP: Girl Meets Commonism

Recap, Television

Airdate: February 12, 16

On tonight’s episode of Girl Meets World we begin at the John Quincy Adams Honour Board (which has never been mentioned before and probably will only be relevant for one episode). To get a sense of what this honour committee does we see one of the best character’s return, Zay (Amir Mitchell-Townes), appear in front of the judges that include Riley (Rowan Blanchard) and Lucas (Peyton Meyer). Zay proclaims himself the Robin Hood of lunch sandwiches and as a consequence is stuck on cafeteria duty. The following people that appear in front of the committee are none other than Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) and Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis). Maya has gotten caught cheating off Farkle on the latest history exam. This, obviously, becomes very problematic. Lucas does not want to compromise the honour committee just because they are his friends, while Riley is willing to go easier on the both of them because she knows that cheating off Farkle is how Maya “learns” the lessons taught in class. Cory Matthews (Ben Savage) argues that Maya did not learn anything, even if she can still recite the answers she got from Farkle, This inability to compromise on the issue causes Riley to side with Maya and Farkle.

Back at home with Topanga (Danielle Fishel, who directed the episode) Auggie (August Maturo) is having difficulty in trying to figure out his identity. After Topanga tells him that the things worth doing in life are only accomplished through hard work, Auggie decides to be like his mom, despite that her job requires hard work as well. When he comes to school dressed as a lawyer he discovers that there is some work to being a lawyer, especially after his first “case” backfires drastically. Having his kindergarten well being threatened.

In history class, the lesson of the day is communism. Which has Cory describes it, is when everybody is the same and everyone gets the same thing. It differs from a free society because individual goals do not matter. This is enough of a pitch to go on for Riley, Maya, and Farkle to become communists.

At the honour board, with Lucas and Riley back with the judges, Topanga is called for the defense. She wants to figure out how Maya managed to cheat off of Farkle, insisting to recreate the layout of the classroom. With the seating arrangement of the classmates it is discovered that there is no way that Maya could of cheated off someone sitting behind her without Riley aiding the act. Riley admits that she is an accessory to the incident. Cory shows Riley that helping Maya cheat is not really helping her, and this shows when Maya starts to sound more like Farkle then herself. Reiterating again that a free society breeds individuals.

Auggie takes to being like Topanga a step further and transforms physically into Topanga, long blonde wig included. This again backfires. Auggie concludes that trying to be like is Mom is hard work so he might as well be something that he actually wants to be.

Continuing in history class, Zay and Lucas have created a wall around Riley, Maya, and Farkle. Wanting to separate those who want to share identities from those who choose to be individuals. Cory addresses the class again, in a third and final attempt in teaching the problem with communism. After returning tests to Lucas and Zay who both got 100% and an A letter grade; Riley, Maya, and Farkle are confused when they also get 100% but only a C letter grade. Cory explains that when you get everything right but you accomplish it with others it makes you average. Stating that, “An A divided three ways is a C.” This causes them to realize the individualism in themselves and how much better they are being different from one another as opposed to being the same. Recognizing the benefits they have living in America, which favours in the individuals.


Topanga: “John Lennon was a Beatle.”

Riley: “Mom, just because his beliefs are different from yours does not mean you can call him a bug.”


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