Saturday Night Live, Television

The Cold Open: Taren Killian is Ted Cruz after winning the Iowa caucus earlier this week. Describing the highlights and difficulties of being Ted Cruz. And as we’ve discovered it is quite hard to be this unremarkable. Killian makes a hilarious Cruz, but everyone is just waiting for the Bernie Sanders impersonation.

Opening MonologueCurb Your Own Enthusiasm’s Larry David is hosting this week. I don’t think he is promoting anything in particular which is refreshing having a host doesn’t turn the monologue into a plug for their movie, song, TV. show, whatever… What is also refreshing is a monologue without a musical number, which seems to be happening less and less. David comes out of the gate outright saying that we’re going to be “disappointed,” what do we expect? He’s always the guest and never the host. With that, he cannot guarantee a good show, so have little expectations.

Have to Youtube: (Bern Your Enthusiasm) This pre-recorded segment is the perfect combination of what we love about Larry David as Bernie Sanders. Transporting Sanders into Larry’s domain in his television show, we get a better picture of where Sanders lost his handful of votes in the Iowa caucus. It’s just funny. Best line, “what’s two percent?”

Weekend Update: Colin Jost and Micheal Che start the news segment with breaking news, coming right from the Republican debate the happened earlier this evening. As it turn out, Ben Carson cannot walk out onto the stage properly, or at all, even when the stagehand waves him on. Poor Ben Carson. The always-brilliant Kate MacKinnon plays Sturdy Barbie, “My feet can only fit into crocs.” One of the new Barbies Mattel failed to release this week along with other new Barbies. John Rudnitsky comes out as himself stating his dislike for the possibility of a live TV performance of Dirty Dancing with Channing Tatum. Proposing that he himself should be cast, then launching himself into a full Dirty Dancing inspired dance routine. Then the greatest moment ever DEREK ZOOLANDER AND HANSEL!!!!! There really needs to be no other explanation. Derek Zoolander and Hansel cover current politics and it does not really matter if it is funny or not. But it is.

Sketch to Skip: (Superbowl) We know. It is the Superbowl tomorrow. There does not need to be a sketch about it. After delivering Zoolander and Hansel, why subject us to this?

Musical Guest: This week’s musical guest is The 1975. Which after looking them up on Wikipedia it is discovered that they are a British rock band. Their new album I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It comes out on February 26 so it makes sense why they are performing. Although classified as a rock band the songs they performed sounded more techno-y then anything else. Larry David along with Bernie Sanders introduced their first song “The Sound.” Their second song of the evening appeared to be the more popular of the two being “Love Me.” Overall it was a good debut, and was nice being exposed to music that may not be familiar to everyone.

Best Line From the Show:

“Regular guy? You’re on SNL.” – Colin Jost

“Literally no one knows that Colin.” – Jon Rudnisky

Next Week: Melissa McCarthy feat. Kanye West


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