BOOK REVIEW: The Thing About Jellyfish

Book, Book Review, Review


Author: Ali Benjamin

Pages: 352 pages

Published: September 22, 2015

The loss of a friend is difficult to come to terms with at any age, but it is especially difficult when you are 12. Suzy knows that Franny is dead. But how it happened is a mystery, and Suzy intends to find out. It is the only way she feels Franny will forgive her.

Ali Benjamin creates this beautiful story of a young girl who tries to make some sort of understanding plausible as everything around her falls apart. Suzy is surrounded by a supporting family, which is more accurately representative of families now than read about before. But as she begins to discover a possible cause for Franny’s death, she pulls more and more away from them.

As a main character Suzy is a young girl who refuses to change who she is, even if she no longer has any friends because of it. Showing insight that is both older than her 12 years but in a way that still reminds readers of her youth. She truly is a girl on the verge of growing up.

The novel tells the story of Suzy and Franny’s friendship years before her death up until their final moment together. Illustrating that friendships change, and how it can break your heart. It tackles the difficult topic of death in a real way that makes readers of all ages able to relate to this young character.

FAVOURITE QUOTE: “All this time, I’d thought that our story was just that, our story. But it turns out you had your own story, and I had mine. Our stories might have overlapped for a while – long enough that they even looked like the same story. But they were different.” – Suzy

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 1.21.11 PM

P.S. I found out about this novel through an Instagram post from Reese Witherspoon. After reading her little blurb about it I got very intrigued and decided to pick it up myself, and I’m very glad that I did. Some of her posts on Instagram allow me to be introduced to new books that I may not have known about before. Reese has a production company which in the past couple of years has turned books such as Gone Girl and Wild into fantastic movies. If you are interested in learning about novels that have the potential to be turned into films or just interested in expanding your reading genres, then I highly recommend following her!



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