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The Cold Open: Taran Killiam and Cecily Strong reprise their role as the inhouse Donald and Melania Trump here to give us their naughty and nice list. On the nice list are the polls and Hilary Clinton. While the naughty list includes Santa and Mark Zuckerberg, because what billionaire in their right mind would donate a majority of their wealth to charity?

Opening Monologue: Here to promote his film The Big Short Ryan Gosling kicks off the Christmas episodes expressing his love of the city during the holiday seasons. Almost as if he is from New York, but gets caught in his lies. Keeping quite about being Canadian because of America’s feelings about immigrants as of late. Joined by Mike Meyers the duo sing a Canadian Christmas tune that ends with a tap dancing Meyers.

Have to YouTube: (Alien Abduction) Out of the selection of hilarious sketches from last night, the best has to be the first one of the evening. Gosling, Kate McKinnion, and Cecily Strong play the first three American that have been abducted by aliens that are being interviewed by the Pentagon. Although it seems McKinnion had a quite different experience compared to the other two. This sketch highlight the brilliance that is Kate McKinnion which leaves  Gosling and the cast unable to keep a straight face. Which will continue to be an occurrence for Gosling throughout the night.

Weekend Update: Colin Jost and Micheal Che continue to be brilliant covering the year’s most popular baby names and the confusion of defunding Planned Parenthood. Having guests like the Glamour magazine editor (Cecily Strong) who just cannot help but flirt with Jost. While Gosling joins Bobby Moynihan as the third to his second hand new guy. Best part of the segment was the in unison “I’mmm preeeettttyyyy suuurrreee….”

Sketch to Skip: (Gosling for GQ) If the worst sketch of the night includes a singing and dancing Gosling, then I’ll take it every time. Plus continuing with the theme of the episode, Gosling breaks throughout the entire sketch.

Musical Guest: The evening’s musical guest was Leon Bridges, who people probably know best from the Apple Music Commercials. His first song of the night, “Smooth Sailing,” got the audience going being joined by a full band during the upbeat tune. While his second song, “River,” was much slower with Bridges playing electric guitar and with only a handful of backup singers. Ultimately they were fantastic performances for his SNL debut.

Best Line From the Show: “Rudolph’s not here? Then how the f*** did santa get here David?” – Ryan Gosling

Next Saturday: Chris Hemsworth with Musical Guest Chance the Rapper


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