TV RECAP: Girl Meets the New Year

Recap, Television

Air Date: December 4, 2015

Girl Meets the New Year seems to pick up right where the Girl Meets Texas trilogy left off. Leaving us waiting these past few weeks with other episodes that never mention the events that had happened in these episodes. Riley (Rowan Blanchard) is left trying to figure out what happens now between Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) and Lucas (Peyton Meyer).

In English class the gang is studying Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility because isn’t that how it goes, reading a novel that directly correlate what is happening with the characters’ lives. The novel tells of two sisters who have different approaches to love, one has sense and thinks with her head, while the other puts her feelings first and thinks acts with her heart.

Inspired by what she is reading in class, Riley wants to throw a New Years Ball for her and all her friends. Charlie Gardiner (Tanner Buchanan), whose shtick in this episode seems to be popping up unexpectedly, overhears and asks to be invited and explaining that the concept of new years is that whoever is with whom at midnight will be together for the rest of the year… Ahh, middle school logic. Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis) after hearing about the ball asks Riley to be accountable to her feelings and threatens that if she doesn’t tell Lucas and Maya how she feels, he will.

With the kids attending their last classes before New Years, Cory Matthews (Ben Savage) tell them the sequence of events that occur when growing up, friendship, growth, and feeling. Stating that the presence of feelings and being unable how to understand or express them can ruin friendship and growth. Telling them that the secret lies in when to tell your feelings and when to not. While concluding their study of the novel Miss. Harper explains what they can learn from the character’s decision, that a person who puts feelings first will get you hurt, while a one who thinks too much before acting never really lives a true life.

At the new years party, with Farkle’s threat looming over Riley, the gang plays a couple’s game, which leaves everyone confused. As the night comes closer to midnight Riley chooses that she want to keep the truth of her feelings away from Maya, while Maya with the help from Cory and Topanga (Danielle Fishel), comes to the decision to be with Lucas at midnight. With Charlie’s attendance at the party Riley comes to the conclusion that although being with Charlie makes sense to her, she needs something more than that; realizing that her feelings aren’t there for him. Meanwhile Maya finds Lucas and asks him to stand with her for midnight.

The episode ends with the clock counting down, Riley by herself and Maya with Lucas, Farkle makes Riley’s secret known to everyone. Leaving Riley, Maya, and Lucas to put together the pieces that has shattered between them.


Favourite Quote:

“Every event in history comes from people feeling something, then acting on those feelings. Or sometimes being smart enough not to.” – Cory Matthews (Ben Savage)


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