TV RECAP: Girl Meets the of Secret Life

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Air date: May 13, 2015

Riley (Rowan Blanchard) does not want anything to change in her life; she likes things the way with no surprises. But when change with the name of Isaiah “Zay” (Amir Mitchell-Townes) comes swinging through the door as a new classmate from Lucas’ (Peyton Meyer) past, she may not have a choice. Learning the Lucas is not the same person here as he was back in Texas and that he got thrown out of his old school, Riley becomes upset because of secrets kept from her. It’s a clash of Lucas wanting a fresh start and Riley disappointed that he didn’t trust her enough with his secret.

In Cory’s (Ben Savage) class the lesson is Belgium 1961 (which seems to be the standing joke on the show) but after a spontaneous interruption from a small classmate it quickly turns to answering, “what is the secret of life?” Which any Boy Meets World fan will know is a throwback to an episode back in season one referring Al and Fred washing a car. Added bonus that is was Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis), Minkus’ son, who was told he was wrong (see below for clip). Cory tells the class that the only way to find out the answer is not through the calculator but to actually wash a car together. Only then will they find the answer.

During a failed attempt of a car wash that involved hose spraying, bucket dumping, and pant drying shenanigans Zay beings to see that he does not fit into Lucas’ new life in New York and that he has changed. But it seems Zay isn’t able to make the same changes that Lucas did and winds up repeating his old ways and gets himself into trouble, needing Lucas to bail him out again. But at what cost?

At a confrontation by the locker Riley, Maya (Sabrina Carpenter), and Farkle begin to see what the old Lucas was like and how he could have possibly been kicked out of school. And some are more attracted to it than others. Lucas manages to come away from everything unscathed but tells Zay that he cannot keep bailing him out of trouble. He likes the person he has become at his new school and hopes that Zay will change here too.

Although we never find out this episode what Lucas did to get himself kicked out of school, the class does learn the secret to life. “People change people,” and that learning from the people you care about can be the most important thing. The relationships that Lucas made in New York made him not slip back into old patterns. This may turn into the theme of Girl Meets World but lets wait to find out.

Favourite Quote: “He’s going to be a veterinarian.”

Side note: Here’s the clip from Boy Meets World where Mr. Feeny asks the same car washing question.


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