PARENTHOOD FINALE: “May God Bless and Keep You Always”

Recap, Television

Premiered: March 2, 2010

Finale: January 29, 2015

The beloved family drama Parenthood ended its six-season run this week on NBC. It was a perfect as a finale can be on a show I feel ended far too soon. I could not recap the episode and do it justice, so instead I have chosen the top 6 moments from the series finale. They are ordered chronologically, but the number one pick was also my umber one favourite moment of the episode (happy coincidence I suppose). So just in case it wasn’t obvious already there are spoilers below.

6) “The very best.” On the night before Sarah’s (Lauren Graham) wedding, her and her father (Craig T. Nelson) talk about the upcoming wedding. This is one of the scenes in the episode where this story comes full circle. The series started six years ago with Sarah having to move her and her children back home to her parent’s house, and now she in some ways is leaving the nest again to start her new life with Hank (Ray Romano). This scene beautifully capture the relationship between the father and daughter, he even calls her “his favourite.” Showing that she still needs her father’s approval and you do not stop needing your parents help as you get older. Parents do not stop being parents. NBC-Parenthood-feature-5-1050x1050_SB 5) “Weird and wonderful” Since Haddie left for college audiences have missed her interactions with her brother Max (Max Burkholder), and this interactions shows how she’s been thinking about it as well. Although this scene is a short one, Haddie is able to explain how much she misses her brother and admits the animosity she had towards him through his diagnosis with Asperger’s. She admits that although it was hard for her not to succumb to the easy choice of resenting her brother, she is happy that she has rose above that and is able to see her sibling in this new light. Even had time to take a selfie of this moment. parenthood-series-finale-bravermans 4) “We did good.” Everyone loves a good montage. As one of the montages in this episode we get a nice sequence of the photos being taken at the wedding by Max, who was hired by Hank to be the photographer. The audience gets to see the arrangement of this family that has been formed over the past six year, showing each individual Braverman sibling and what they bring into the family dynamic. As the family is getting their pictures taken, Zeek and Camille (Bonnie Bedelia) take in the family they created. SONG: ‘You and Me’ by Sara Watkins opkkrz8mnc78l3nzkrrg 3) “She’s already ours.” Joel (Sam Jaeger) and Julia (Erika Christensen) have been through a lot these past couple of seasons. From starting as one of the show’s strongest couples to almost admitting defeat, they have definitely been through the ringer. As soon as they are told that Victor’s (Xolo Mariduena) birth mother has given birth to another child you knew that they were going to adopt her as well. As they are dancing at the wedding and discussing the family of theirs that was not planed as expected, it was nice to see them make this decision themselves. emotional-parenthood-series-finale-joel-and-julia-adopt-baby-girl 2) “Is this okay?” Max is the MVP of this episode (as you’ll see in the number 1 spot as well) and has become the backdrop for the entire series as well. Again this is a short moment in the episode but still one that deserves notice. When he notices a cute girl at Hank and Sarah’s wedding you see him approach her and ask her to dance. While they dance you hear him ask if she is okay with him holding her as they dance. This is nice to see especially with the girl problems he has experienced this episode. It shows him learning from these experiences and applying them to new situations. This is one of many moments, throughout the whole show, that shows the audience Max’s maturity since the first episode. parenthood-series-finale-max-grows 1) “Forever Young” In the finale and probably most emotional montage done on television recently, the series ends with the entire family playing baseball after they have scatter the ashes of Zeek at center field (something he mentioned in an earlier episode of the season). As the family is playing the game the audience is given access to each of the families futures with little snippets of what is to come of them. Done with a little emotional aide given to the scene by the series theme song, “Forever Young” covered by Rhiannon Giddens and Iron & Wine.

Camille is finally able to go to the small town in France that Zeek had promised to take her to. Although this is probably not the way the audience wanted her to see the town, we get to see her moving forward.

Crosby (Dax Shepard) is seen working at the Lunchonette. He is recording the duet that is playing in the background of this montage. It is seen that him and Jasmine (Joy Bryant) are expecting another child.

Joel and Julia are seen to have adopted Victor’s sister and in addition shown to have had another baby. Their family now has four children, just like the original Braverman clan.

We view Sarah and Hank having a family dinner with their children and grandchildren. We notice that Amber (Mae Whitman) has married a single father (Scott Porter from Friday Night Lights). The audience also gets to see that Ryan (Matt Lauria) was able to get healthy and able to be apart of Zeek’s life.

Adam (Peter Krause) chooses to stay at the school and becomes headmaster, getting to give his son Max his diploma. Max sees his family cheering him, just like they have been doing since the first episode.

The series ends with Max picking up the baseball equipment and joining the rest of his family walking off the field. Again this shows the full circle moments that started in the first episode. Max, in the premiere episode, was having difficulties with baseball. It was the first thing that singled to him and his family that he was not like other children. The storyline of Max’s character has been the backbone to the show since the first episode and this ending shows how he finally feels like he has a place to belong.

SONG: Forever Young by Rhiannon Giddens And Iron & Wine o-MAX-GRADUATES-570


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