Sunday Morning Review of Saturday Night Live: Blake Shelton

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One of my favourite things in life is Saturday Night Live. I was definitely guilty of leaving a party early in order to catch the opening monologue by the week’s host. Ever since my Dad got me addicted to it in high school, nothing could make a Saturday evening better than; making a hot chocolate, cuddle up next to the television, and wait to hear Don Pardo’s iconic voice say “Live from New York, It’s Saturday Night…” This series will be a kind of ‘morning after’ review of the night’s show. Lets get started!

Blake Shelton served as last night’s host and musical guest on the second show of the new year. The country singer who currently sits as a coach on the NBC show ‘The Voice’ was on the show to promote his new album ‘Bringing Back the Sunshine.’

The Cold Open: In true SNL fashion, the show started out guns a-blazing with a spoof of the New England Patriots-Tom Brady “Deflategate” news conference that was held earlier this week in regards to the Patriots win in the AFC Championship held last Sunday. This sketch was perfect with Taran Killam’s Brady impersonation along with Kenan Thompson’s ‘A Few Good Men’ references.

Opening Monologue: I think the best thing a host can do is put 100% into the show even when it may not all be clicking. I will give Blake Shelton props where they’re due for not taking the easy way out and just singing  the opening monologue, which seems to be the ‘go to’ for other double duty hosts. Although the ode to old fashioned country humour was not quite has funny as it intended to be, it still served as a good stepping stone for a show that would only get better.

Favourite Sketches:

  1. “Farm Hunk”: With the new season of the bachelor in full swing on ABC, you bet the writer of SNL would take advantage of the fact that country singer would play a version of the “farmer bachelor” in this sketch. Even though Shelton is in the entire sketch, he is somewhat outshine by the strong female cast that the show has. Aidy Bryant, Vanessa Bayer, Cecily Strong, Kate MacKinnon, and Leslie Jones serve as the women trying to win this man’s heart on the show, some even with animal aid. The best part of this sketch was the repeated line, “Can I just steal him for a second?”
  2. Celebrity Family Feud: This sketch is becoming a classic for me. With hosts like Jimmy Fallon and Andrew Garfield hitting it out of park with their celebrity impersonations, I got really excited to who was going to be starring on this version. The teams were ‘Team The Voice’ and ‘Team American Idol,’ Shelton obviously playing himself while the rest of the cast assembled themselves as the rest of the coaches and judges. Highlight of this sketch was fans of The Voice seeing Shelton and Adam Levine, played by Killam, act on the real life relationship the two coaches have on the show
  3. Interrupted Magic Show: This sketch was the last of the evening and had the most Shelton in, it let him shine with his comedic timing. Playing a magic show cynic turned true believer during the act, Shelton goes all out with his demands for the magic man.

Missed the Mark:

  1. “Wishing Boot”: You knew that with one of the country’s most popular country singers on the show that there was going to be some sort of country singing going on. This just failed as a commercial filler, though it wasn’t for a lack of trying.
  2. Shawshank Redemption Spoof: I just did not find this funny. I got what they were trying to achieve but felt it was not working.

Weekend Update: My favourite part of the show. Loving the Colin Jost and Michael Che and find they’re just getting better each week. Best segment from this broadcast was from the show’s “Resident Young Person” Pete Davidson, who is in his freshmen year of the show. Davidson, explaining cyber safety to the audience by tying in his love for Leonardo DiCaprio. Davidson is my new favourite cast member on the show and cannot wait for more from him.

Music: Shelton sang his two hit singles from his new album, “Neon Light” and “Boys Round Here.” I am not the biggest country music fan in the world and New York City is also probably not the best place to receive a warm reception to it either. Not going to lie, definitely used these performances as a time to check my social media.

Best Line from the Show: “I’m a straight 5, but a gay 1.” – Pete Davidson

Sketch You Have to YouTube: “Farm Hunk”

Next Saturday: J.K. Simmons with musical guest D’Angelo


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